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Many people don’t know this.  Kuala Lumpur has a lively and varied nightlife with Sexy Malaysian Girl and full of many types of party-goers. These range from local young people to expatriates and international visitors. Late in the evening, Kuala Lumpur comes alive with nightspots. Offering both a friendly ambiance and great music that continues well into the night.

ou can often find me in one of these clubs as I am young, free, and single.

At my age life is about partying, right?

Beauty of Kuala Lumpur is that the city stays awake until the early hours of the morning. It is just not isolated nightclubs in a sea of closed down businesses. There are night-markets, food stalls and the streets are still alive.

Damia: A Sexy Malaysian Girl

It was in one of these outside food areas that I first met Damia. This sexy Malaysian girl was sitting at a table alone and drinking a smoothie. She seemed upset, and I thought I would talk to her, in case I could help. I approached her table and asked if I could sit down opposite. She looked up and just shrugged, so I took it as a yes.

I started by introducing myself and asked if I could get her a new smoothie as hers was looking a little tired. She clearly had been here a long time.

Grudgingly, she accepted and we started to talk.

She was very distant at first, clearly not in a happy mood. Told me she had been going clubbing with her American boyfriend. On the way to the city center, he had stopped the car and said he had found somebody new and didn’t want to see her anymore.  He had then just opened the car door and pushed her out onto the floor at the side of the street.  As he drove off people just stared, looking at her as if she was street trash.

She went on to say that he had been complaining a lot recently that she would not let him have anal sex, and that she was lousy in bed.  He sounded a bit of a jerk I thought.  I knew I was probably right.

So many of the expats I had met here were really abusive when dating a Malaysian woman.

I told her that she looked beautiful and he had been lucky to have her.

Really I was not trying to hit on her, just give her back some self-confidence. She seemed to appreciate it. Her voice became softer as her eyes pleaded for more kind words. I held her hand across the table in order to give her more confidence and comfort her. Then she thanked me and said that she wanted to go home. Would I walk her home as she felt so safe with me?

She stood up and grasped my hand before I had a chance to answer. We walked off into the night.

To be honest, by now I was starting to feel attracted to her

I was enjoying our walk hand in hand. We walked out of the vibrant streets that were still so crowded into smaller streets that were bathed in low-level street lights. Then she stopped at the entrance to a small alley. As we entered the alleyway it did occur to me that maybe I was being a bit naive here.  That maybe she had arranged for a group of thugs to be there so they could rob me.

Before I had a chance to think that one through, she put her arms around my neck and pushed her mouth against mine.  As her tongue forced its way into my mouth, I felt her raise her legs and wrap them around my hips.

She played with my tongue. Teasing it with hers and she was just so passionate that I found myself under her control.  Her hands were grasping each side of my face. She moved my head so that her tongue could get better access to mine.

Fuck Me Here

Then suddenly this incredibly sexy Malaysian pulled her mouth away and said, “I Want you to fuck me here. I want you to fuck me hard!” As she said this, she released her iron grip around my hips and slid to the floor, until she was kneeling at my feet. I could feel her unzipping my jeans and she plunged her hand into my flies and grasped my erect penis.

As she released it from its prison, it flopped forward and she enveloped it with her warm and willing mouth.

Damia was an expert cocksucker

After a few thrusts back and forth she suddenly slowly pushed my penis deep into her throat. She was truly amazing I could feel the muscles in her throat squeezing my cock as she slowly withdrew. Gasped some air and then pushed my cock even deeper.  Feeling was so good that there was an imminent danger of me filling her throat with semen. She seemed aware of this and withdrew my cock from her mouth.

In another swift and easy maneuver, she moved from her knees and pulled down her panties, throwing them into the night. She removed her skirt almost as fast and laid it on top of this metal box (maybe a garbage container) that was next to us.

She then draped herself over the box with her rear-facing me.

Shouted, yes she shouted, “fuck me now!” I was convinced that one of the residents or the police would come out to see what was going on. But Damia just didn’t seem to care.

My cock was throbbing from the treatment she had given it and I positioned myself behind her and shoved it straight into her pussy, no preparation, no easing in, I just shoved it in.

sexy malaysian girl
Sexy Woman in underwear

Fuck Me Harder

She screamed “yes, fuck me hard!” and so that is exactly what I did.

I pushed as deep into that beautiful warm hole as far as I could. And withdrew until the head of my cock was only just inside and then I shoved hard again. I continued to do this, getting faster and faster. Within a few moments of this treatment starting, she was Cumming and her body shook as I felt floods of her orgasm running down my leg. I carried on pounding her.

She called out “Don’t Come inside me, tell me when you are near Cumming”.

I knew this would not be long so I told her that I would have to pull out now. Instantly she turned over and slipped to the floor so she was once again facing my cock. In the low light, I could see her mouth wide open. Her tongue there waiting as she gave me a handjob to my climax.

The head of my cock was just resting on her tongue as I started to cum.

She tried to swallow it all but I had been so excited that I seemed to be never stopping, so she moved my cock so that the rest poured over her face. I looked down and my beautiful sexy Malaysian Damia was there on her knees with her face glistening with my cum. She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes.

This was just one of those amazing erotic stories you think will never happen to you.

I said: “Thank You”.

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