Lovers on A Mission

Their flight into Kuala Lumpur International Airport from Okinawa as Lovers on A Mission was a long and tedious one. Stepping out into the sweltering mid-day sun, Fiona checked her watch and then her luggage. Two pink bags were still there, but her driver was not. Shoving aside a few strands of her blonde hair from her face, she placed a hand on her hip and sighed.

He should have been here by now.

Lovers on A Mission

“Where are you?” She grumbled to herself, pulling a phone out of her pant’s pocket. Looking through the contacts she clicked the one listed only as “V”. The other line rang for a moment before a man picked up.

“‘Ello?” The man said.

“Hey. Where are you?” Fiona asked. “I’m here. I don’t see you. The hell, man?”

“Sorry. Sorry.” The other replied. “I’m on my way now!” Twenty minutes later an ugly, old car drove up to Fiona. The driver was a young man, with black spiked hair likely the result of using too much hair gel.

He was tall, handsome, and muscular.

For many women seeing a man like this show up, even in a broken down car, would be a dream. Not to Fiona, however.

“This is it?” She asked with a hand on her hip.

“Only one I could find.” The man shrugged, helping Fiona get her suitcases into the backseat.

“Couldn’t get something nicer, huh?”

“Are you going to bug me about this the whole time?” He asked with a sigh. Fiona giggled and gave him a kiss on the lips.

A Safe House

“Yes. You were suppose to set up our safe-house and find and appropriate vehicle. This… doesn’t look very appropriate.” She said. Despite what she claimed at customs, she wasn’t here on a business trip although that wasn’t far from the truth either. She and “V” were mercenaries, which sounded more polite than assassin. Today’s target, which “V” was sent to stake out a week prior was a notorious drug lord. Despite his darker skin complexion and Hispanic features, he did his job with excellence.

By the time Fiona arrived he knew everything about this baron of crime, like how his residence wasn’t too far away from the Petronas Towers.

lovers on a mission
Royalty Free: Tima Miroshnichenko

A perfect set up for a sniper rifle and to then slip away undetected.

This required establishing a safe-house, smuggling weapons across the Thailand border, and making sure hands were greased to look the other way. Finding a good looking car was the last thing on his list, which is why Fiona felt somewhat embarrassed riding in the beat-up piece of junk through the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur.

“How was Japan? Would have helped out but got dragged here to make the arrangements.” “V” asked, rubbing the back of his neck as the car came to a stop at a traffic light.

“Fine. Nothing out of the ordinary.” She said, placing a hand on his thigh. “Ya know.” Her voice changed to be more sensual. “It’s been awhile.”

“A week.” He shrugged, not noticing the change in her voice.

“Take the hint, I’m flirting.” She changed her tone again, nearly startling him.

“Oh… OH! Sorry.”

“You’re sometimes so thick headed, ya know?” She withdrew her hand from his thigh. “Here we are, exotic location… and you can’t take a hint.”

“Well… sorry! We’re going to kill a guy! Pardon me for being more focused on that!”

“We kill people weekly. It’s our job.” Fiona snapped back. “Besides, can’t I actually miss you?”

“You’re right.” He sighed. “Guess I have been distracted.”

“Well. Let me fix that.” Fiona grinned.

His Muscular Body

In the privacy of the safe-house, “V” pulled off his shirt revealing his muscular body underneath. His abs and pectoral muscles were well defined, but ruining his body was the scars that seemingly popped up everywhere. Trophies from years of fighting. Fiona was not like that, well not that muscular and not covered in scars. Her body was soft, smooth and a lighter shade than his. Her breasts and firm, but she never minded this and neither did he.

“I missed you.” He said, taking her naked body into his warm embrace. The two kissed, Fiona worming her tongue into his mouth and savoring the flavor. He had a musk to him; one of hardship and endurance. A smell that drove her crazy. She pushed him onto the bed and straddled him.

“How are you doing down there?”

She smiled, feeling the thickness between his legs.

“Same as ever I see. Perfect.”

“You give me too much… ah… credi… credit…” He groaned as she slid on. Her hips swayed back-and-forth while his moved up-and-down in a synchronized fashion. He reached up and grabbed her bouncing breasts and she moaned, keeping his hands close.

“I… needed this… yes!” She moaned as she hit her climax. As her body fell towards his he fired off his seed deep within her, groaning as he did so. The two laid on top of one another, catching their collective breaths. Looking at one another, they began to laugh. Sex wasn’t really their strong suit, not that either minded. Uncoupling herself, Fiona rolled onto her back to let her hips rest. Van turned to his side and watched her breasts rise and fall with each breath. “Enjoying the view?”

“I am.” He said, rubbing one of her rosy nipples with his pointer finger. “Think I could go another round.”

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Her Rosy Nipples

“Could you?” She asked in a cheery manner. “I think you broke me for a bit. Let me rest.” She curled up next to him, the warmth, smell, and feel of his body overwhelming her senses. His dark eyes looked at her lighter eyes, and they stared at one another for what seemed like an eternity. “I love you. I didn’t get to say that, V…” But he cut her off while placing a finger on her lip.

“Shhh. I know.” He said.

“Think I’m ready for that round two.”

She said with a sly grin. He complied to her wishes.

The night was hot and humid, but the kill was clean. After finishing their business in the safe-house the two went right to work making a perfect kill. Melting into the night before anyone had an idea what was going on. The drug empire would collapse on itself soon enough, and they would likely be called in to clean up any leftovers. As the two made their way back to the safe-house, Fiona stopped for a moment to admire the illuminating Petronas Towers.

“You know.” She said. “I wouldn’t mind us staying here a bit longer. When was the last time we had a vacation?”

“Too long.” “V” said, putting an arm around her shoulder. “I think, with another successful job, you and me need a good reward. And I know just the thing.” he smiled.

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