Amazing Experiences

My Malaysian Holiday Offered Me Amazing Experiences

I used to travel to different cities and countries for my business meetings but the most amazing experience I have got from Malaysia. Each country has offered me different experiences but not like the one I am about to tell… Read More

Shemales of Malaysia

Meet the Shemales of Malaysia: Their Lives and Culture

Malaysia is a country that boasts a rich and diverse cultural heritage and there is no secrecy to Meet the Shemales of Malaysia. One of the most unique and fascinating aspects of this multicultural nation is its transgender community. Known… Read More


Red Light District Malaysia: Risks, Rewards, and Realities of the Sex Trade

The Red Light District Malaysia has a long history that dates back to pre-colonial times. Sex trade has been a major part of Malaysia’s culture for centuries. With many people viewing it as a necessary evil that serves a vital… Read More

Lorong Haji Taib

Lorong Haji Taib Red Light District

Lorong Haji Taib Lorong Haji Taib is an area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is well known for its many brothels, strip clubs, street walkers, massage parlours, and other sex businesses. As a result, it is a popular red-light district… Read More

Navigating Malaysia’s Red Light Districts

Malaysia is among the many Muslim countries in the world and officially Malaysia’s Red Light Districts do not exist.  So you can tell there are guidelines and cultural issues that set drawbacks in the tourism sector.  Sharia Law prohibits drinking… Read More

Bukit Bintang Red Light District

Despite how ironic it may sound, Malaysia has already surpassed Thailand and the Philippines as the region’s center for the flesh trade and none so  like Bukit Bintang Red Light District. Kuala Lumpur is still a conservative city where the… Read More

Discover Malaysia’s Jalan Alor District

Malaysia is a beautiful nation with welcoming locals and a variety of great natural beauties to discover and appreciate. It has a great deal to offer folks moving overseas. Thanks to its booming marketplace, rapidly improving GDP. And position as… Read More

Kuala Lumpur Hook Up

The Kuala Lumpur Hook Up

My Kuala Lumpur Hook Up. You know the feeling, that you are in a place so incredibly hot that your clothes start to stick to you. Sweat is dripping off of you but every time you decide to take off… Read More