Shemales of Malaysia

Meet the Shemales of Malaysia: Their Lives and Culture

Malaysia is a country that boasts a rich and diverse cultural heritage and there is no secrecy to Meet the Shemales of Malaysia. One of the most unique and fascinating aspects of this multicultural nation is its transgender community. Known… Read More

She Male Escorts of Kuala Lumpur

She Male Escorts of Kuala Lumpur would change my view on diversity. I despised the fact that we have to live our lives according to some social norms and expectations. With over 7 billion people, being either this or that… Read More

What’s New in LGBTQ Malaysia?

Future of the LGBT Community in Malaysia Malaysian media is historically and currently pretty homophobic something which seems to be the case throughout much of Asia.  So what’s new with LGBTQ Malaysia? As the country is a predominantly Muslim state… Read More

Transgender Malaysia

Transgenderism In Malaysia: What is Accepted Today?

Emergence of  the LGBT Community in Malaysia has called for many, like Transgenderism In Malaysia, to stand up and fight for what they believe in. This group consists of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and with various other gender identities and… Read More

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Fall in Love With The Ladyboys of Malaysia

Southeast Asia is one of the most accessible regions around the world to travel. Malaysia, for example, is considered a melting pot of culture. Though the country itself is predominantly Muslim, there’s a mixture of Hindu, Christian. And various other… Read More

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You Want to Date SheMales Of Malaysia?

One of the best places to meet shemales of Malaysia is the capital city Kuala Lumpur but you can also find a lot of them in various other cities throughout the world. However, this city is known for Malaysian shemales… Read More