I Lost My Virginity at 30!!

I lost my virginity at 30, and the experience was great. It was not easy to find my perfect man. Especially being a single woman in Malaysia where there is still a stigma relating to dating and sex.  There were… Read More

Girls Of Malaysia Like To Play – An Erotic Story

Erotic Stories – Girls of Malaysia Girls of Malaysia like to play, and they play by their own rules. They never make the first move, they play coy. And they wait until you’re on your knees begging to touch them… Read More

Sexy Malaysian Girl

Meet Damia: She Truly is A Sexy Malaysian Girl

Many people don’t know this.  Kuala Lumpur has a lively and varied nightlife with Sexy Malaysian Girl and full of many types of party-goers. These range from local young people to expatriates and international visitors. Late in the evening, Kuala… Read More