The total adults guide to visiting Malaysia XXX. Lists of bordellos, free erotic Malaysian stories, escort services, swingers clubs and all the GLTBQ venues and events. Whether in Penang or Kuala Lumpur there are adult activities listed for you to enjoy!

Navigating Malaysia’s Red Light Districts

Malaysia is among the many Muslim countries in the world and officially Malaysia’s Red Light Districts do not exist.  So you can tell there are guidelines and cultural issues that set drawbacks in the tourism sector.  Sharia Law prohibits drinking… Read More

Discover Malaysia’s Jalan Alor District

Malaysia is a beautiful nation with welcoming locals and a variety of great natural beauties to discover and appreciate. It has a great deal to offer folks moving overseas. Thanks to its booming marketplace, rapidly improving GDP. And position as… Read More

I Lost My Virginity at 30!!

I lost my virginity at 30, and the experience was great. It was not easy to find my perfect man. Especially being a single woman in Malaysia where there is still a stigma relating to dating and sex.  There were… Read More

Top Escort Services

Kuala Lumpur’s Top Escort Services

If you’re visiting Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia check out the Top Escort Services. One of the most exciting cities in Asia, it’s probably because you want to see the sights, enjoy a new culture and experience something new. … Read More

The Best Escorts In Kuala Lumpur For You And Your Friends

The search for the Best Escorts In Kuala Lumpur is one that many have struggled with for years. With so many different types of escorts available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you and your… Read More

Tip for Hiring Female Escorts Malaysia

Nowadays there are many ways to release stress and relax and one such way is by being with escorts while vacationing. No matter what you are, man or woman you will prefer hiring female escorts Malaysia to have some fun… Read More

Escort Services During Malaysia Vacations

Why Go For Escort Services During Vacations?

When you travel to new places do you like to look for Escort Services During Vacations your desires may get perked up. Witnessing different culture and ethnicity can create a craving to explore them more. Sometimes when couples travel to… Read More

Escort Services Malaysia

Why Men Go For Female Escorts?

Even now when it comes to Female Escorts Kuala Lumpur, it is still a hush-hush topic that many do not want to have a conversation regarding. But nowadays, finding time apart from your career and going on dates could be… Read More

Indian Escorts In Malaysia

Rent An Escort And Have A Great Time

Nowadays, life is pretty busy that finding time for dating is hardly possible which makes the choice to Rent An Escort a good one. And, when it comes to men, they are pretty busy growing their career and building an… Read More