Sex in Twin Towers

On my last visit to Kuala Lumpur, I met someone (Noor) really special. She had given me a malaysian sex market experience that I would never forget my whole life. I am back and this time I have a plan to have sex in twin towers elevator at the Petronas Towers.  This is the amazing twin tower that dominates the skyline of Kuala Lumpur.  I had enlisted the help of an Australian backpacker called Jenny who was as crazy as me. Together we sat down to plan how this could be achieved.

My initial plan had been that Sex in Twin Towers Elevator would be an amazing experience. But then we discovered that to get to the highest accessible point to the public involved three lift journeys. Each lift would be full of people.  Longest lift journey is less than a minute. Its seemed pretty impossible but after we had spent so much time discussing it, we were both obsessed with the idea.

Sex in Twin Towers

Neither of us particularly wanted to get arrested, so we had to plan this so they would not discover us. This really was a challenge. Clearly in the elevator, even if we were not seen it only gave us around 50 seconds to fuck Jenny and climax before the doors would open and we would face security guards.

While we had been talking in my room Jenny had been gently masturbating and making herself wet. She suddenly announced, “ok let’s time it”.

Before I had time to answer she had unzipped my jeans and pulled my penis out. Since we had been discussing having sex, it was fairly hard but could it perform within 50 seconds. She pulled me up and grabbed my penis.

sex in twin towers
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Pushed it hard into the opening of her pussy.

I took the hint and started thrusting hard. There had been no foreplay and the pressure of knowing I had to cum so quickly meant that it was nearly two minutes before I groaned and shot my load deep inside her.  After she had cleaned me up with her mouth, we sat down again to look again at our plan.

Ok, the definition of sex in the elevator was that I would climax inside her in the elevator.  It did not mean that we could not arouse ourselves before entering the elevator. We would have to start the sex somewhere else. And then just when nearly ready to come move to the elevator.

It had been a fantasy of mine after reading about some Taiwan prostitute who used to offer services in an elevator – go figure!!!

Sex In The Elevator

OK. that should resolve the first problem. Next, how do we stop anyone reporting us? Oh, for an invisibility cloak. But since we did not have one we would need something to block what we’re doing from other members of the public in the lift.  We needed accomplices. If we could stand in the elevator’s corner. Our four accomplices stood around us. Perhaps holding up big street maps that they were pretending to look at, while talking loudly, maybe we could get away with it.

Right, we had the plan, and now we just needed to set it into motion. My first question was about the four guys we needed to help us. Why should they help, and how do we find someone? Jenny smiled and said to leave that to her.

Later that evening she told me that we had four Australian guys that were absolutely huge rugby players. I could not believe that she had found them so quickly and asked how.

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I was slightly taken aback when she smiled and said “four blow-jobs”.

I now needed six tickets for the Petronas Towers. There is a local guy called Andrew Nash who will get the tickets for you and deliver to the hotel. I used his services and the next morning I had six tickets for that evening. Had already bought two large foldout maps for our accomplices to use as a screen. We were set to go.

We had decided to “do the deed” on the downward lift journey. So that we could have sex in one of the public toilets and just when we were near cumming we would use the lift. This also meant that we could make a fast getaway if spotted.  Jenny and I were like to generals planning a military campaign. She was wearing a mid-length skirt, with no panties, for ease of access. I had opted for some loose joggers, again with no underpants.

Guys were dressed like typical tourists. I gave the maps to the guys and off we went.

Petronas Towers

On arriving at the Petronas Towers we showed our tickets and chose the lift that took us to the 41st floor. this is the public Sky bridge level. On arriving we took advantage of the bridge to get some great views of the city before commencing our plan.

Jenny then went to check out the female bathroom and Mike, one of the Australians went to check out the male bathroom to see if they were busy.

We decided on the female bathroom and while it was empty, Jenny and I slipped in and entered a cubicle. Jenny immediately dropped to her knees and took my penis in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the end. Gently sucked as she moved the head in and out of her mouth gently. While she was doing this one of her hands was making herself wet so that when the time came I could enter her quickly. The timing was going to be important; she had to get me near to Cumming but not risk me Cumming in the bathroom.

I was starting to feel the urge to thrust deep into her mouth.

But I resisted and allowed her to gently bring me towards a climax. Then suddenly I knew she had to stop or I would fill her mouth there and then. Jenny got off her knees and we crept out of the female bathroom.

The guys were waiting by the elevator and as we appeared they waved us to get there quick as the elevator had just arrived. When the doors opened we were relieved to see that the elevator was nearly empty. Space in the corner was free.

As we got to the corner Jenny hitched up her skirt as the guys formed a barrier around us. Opening their maps and having a loud conversation about where they wanted to visit. Mike told me later that one of the women had caught a glimpse of our activities and smiled.  And that one of the men clearly was not impressed with the manners of the four guys who made a lot of noise and waved their maps around.

I Was Close To Cumming

Behind the screen, I had immediately pushed into Jenny from behind as she leaned against the elevator wall. I was so close to Cumming. It was off putting to see the countdown of floors in front of me as a pounded Jenny. Pushing roughly into her as I tried to orgasm. I think we were at the fifth floor when I felt my penis start to pump out semen into Jenny.

As we approached the third I pulled out quickly and pushed my penis back into my pants.

Spraying some cum on Jenny’s legs.

Suddenly light flooded the elevator and the doors opened wide with a security guard standing there. With Jenny and I in the middle, the four Australians strode out of the building. When we were about 40 yards away Jenny bent down and cleaned her legs with a tissue and we all burst out laughing. I wondered if anyone would notice the drips of semen that we had left on the elevator floor.

Well I can only describe this as a Tao Sexperience as without the oneness that connects us all, this would never have even been imaginable.

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