The Tennis Pro

The Tennis Pro

I’m an Instagram celebrity and this is my story of Sex With The Tennis Pro. I’m Priscila and I love to train my body, stay skinny and get my muscles pumped so I look cut. My passion for sports made me a successful fitness model, so I decided to start posting my photos on Instagram and became famous and now earn lots of money from it.

Who would have thought that I have now over 10 million followers on Instagram and am now considered an influencer? Makes me proud of my work. Although I must admit that the competition is very tough on the social network scene. Rewards I have gained are incomprehensible. Instagram is full of beautiful girls with perfect bodies who are also very popular which makes me even more determined to be the best.

My Malaysian Sex Story

Recently I thought of posting pictures of myself in different paradises around the world so put it out there and have been given many opportunities for all expenses paid trips.  Recently I chose the most beautiful one so far: Langkawi Island, where a Malaysian sexperience started. I went there with my best friend Jennifer, who is a fitness model like me and we sometimes post together. We traveled from Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur and from there we went to Langkawi Island.

As soon as we got there we started working on the pictures I was going to post on Instagram as my many followers want pics at the very least daily. Jenny and I stayed in a all costs paid first class hotel and we got shown up to our suite which was simply amazing.

For some reason I was very nervous about being in Malaysia

Jenny wanted me to relax so offered me a massage.

I thought nothing of it as we have been on many adventures together so I got undressed and lay on the bed whilst she got the massage oil and began to massage me.  I was a magnificent massage but whilst I lay on my stomach she seemed to linger massaging my cheeks and bottom – it was really sensual and I began to get hot and horny – I think I may have moaned a big and Jen lay on top and started kissing me on the neck.  Even though we had never been anything but professional before I was caught up in the moment and turned my head and began to kiss her back.

Then she turned me over and began to bite my nipples and slowly licked my vagina. She then started to suck my clit and insert her tongue deep in my love hole.  It made me see the stars and feel like I was floating on the planet Pluto.

Lick My Vagina

It drove me crazy so I spun her round so her fanny and ass were in front of me. Slid her G-String to the side and put my fingers in her vagina. She must have been horny as it so wet with her silky cunt juice and she literally went crazy.  Seeing how much she was enjoying her I started to finger fuck her. She opened up to me like a car door and it was not long before I had four fingers inside her.

I got up on my knees behind her with her ass up in the air her pussy wide open and her rosebud puckering.

Put my four fingers back inside her and began to fuck her with my hand. Before I knew it my whole hand was inside her. I would never have expected to fit so much in her tight little body.  Clenched my fist and fist fucked her until her moans became screams. She orgasmed and gushed all over my hand and forearm.  Collapsed onto the bed and we both fell into a deep sleep – probably jet lag.

It hadn’t occurred to my that we would ever be lovers as well as best friends

But I could already see the marketing opportunities on instagram and getting a whole new fan base from the LGBTQ communities.  As long as we could have a free relationship I would be happy like that.  I never told my instagram fans that that I’m bisexual. Yes, I enjoy being with both men and women and I fall in love with each one equally.

In my country, USA, bisexuality (and all sexual orientations) are completely accepted and absolutely legal. I could even marry and have children with Jennifer. But I have not intention to do that because we are too young. There is so much life to lead still.

The next morning we woke up, had breakfast and started working on more photos to post on Instagram around the pool and the hotel gym. Photo sessions were a success.

Langkawi Island is a paradise on Earth

Pictures we took around the island as well were perfect. Jenny had to leave because she had to do a bikini commercial in San Francisco, California. So I went with her to the airport were we said goodbye and I was left alone on that wonderful island.

The Tennis Pro
Game, Set, Match!

Sex With The Tennis Pro

I was going up to my suite when I see Erik Cartwright, the famous tennis player, coming in.

That’s when my Malaysian sex story began. Erik is one of the top five tennis players in the world and is incredibly talented, smart and a multi-millionaire of course. As soon as I saw him, he blew my mind and he recognized me immediately.  Erik is dark, athletic, tall and tan. He acknowledged me, before rushing down the hall and went straight to his room. Like every tennis player, Erik is obsessive, disciplined and trains hard to be the best.

He aims to be the best tennis player in the world before the end of the year. Went to Langkawi Island to recover from various physical injuries, due to his overly aggressive playing style. He needed to isolate himself from the touring environment. And focus on his physical and mental recovery.

Erik has been driving me crazy with erotic thoughts for several years

But it’s only now that it seemed I was going to get to know him personally. Since I’m obsessed with him, I looked on the internet to see if he had a girlfriend and anything else that could be a conversation starter when I next saw him.  I found out that he is fortunately single and focused exclusively on tennis. Not being into tennis myself I hoped that perhaps my fitness acumen may be the ice-breaker.

Next day I started training at the hotel gym and Erik was there too.

I take my training seriously and was seating, lifting weights heavier than most men and grunting with the effort.  I couldn’t resist however watching him train. Was pleased to see that he also was full-on – a couple of times our eyes connected and we both nodded displaying a mutual admiration for our efforts

After he and I were finished training and physically spent.  I went over to him to tell him how much I admired him as a player and how spectacular I thought his game was. Also told him that I wished him a speedy recovery from his sports injuries that were well publicized. And that he would become the best tennis player in the world before the end of the year.

He appreciated this I could see and thanked me for what I said, but I could also tell that he noticed how much I liked him.

Lifting Weights

After a bit of chit chat he invited me to his room for some recovery drinks and fruit which invitation I accepted gladly. I would never have resisted.  I’ve been obsessed with Erik for a long time and I wasn’t going to miss such an opportunity.

To be honest all I could think of was to fuck a talented, rich, famous and extremely handsome guy.

Inside the room we sat down for drinks and I could not help myself and kissed him. Kiss was reciprocated so without further talk or ado I was not going to miss this opportunity. So I knelt down in front oh him, pulled his shorts down and took his cock into my mouth.  It was flaccid at first. But within a minute he was fully erect and I was not disappointed with the 8 inches plus of manhood that I took down my throat.

Whether it is a curse or a gift, I do not suffer from gag reflex

So am able easily to take a full cock right down my throat.  Most men that I give a blow job to tell me that I am the best at it that they have ever had. But once they have had one often they refer a blowie to real sex – which disappoints me sometimes.

I could see that Erik had never experienced a blow job like the one I give before as his facial expressions were almost comedic.  A mix between pleasure and pain I guess. Him trying to not come to soon. But every muscle in his body trying to prevent the inevitable.  Within three minutes and which his cock down my throat and his balls in my mouth he started to cum.

Ejaculating deep in my throat

I could feel the hot bursts of semen shooting deep inside me.  In my mind I visualized that white spunk sliding down into my stomach which made me horny as hell.  When he had finished cumming I withdrew his penis from my mouth. He collapsed back onto the chair, not know whether to laugh or cry, to talk or be silent.

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Ejaculating Deep In My Throat

I broke the ice by saying, ‘Well my finely tuned athlete.  That was the entree now you have to provide me with the main meal.”

I undressed before him and bent over in front of his face. Giving him a view of my ass and now dripping cunt.  This seemed to invigorate him, as he got up and led me to the bedroom where he threw me down on it.  His cock as already erect again. But instead of fucking me he went down and began licking all my cunt juices clean.

I could not help but thing it must be a bit smelly down there, after my gym session, but I was not going to stop him.  He then got on top of me and shoved that 8 inch cock inside me.

No further foreplay and began to pound me – hard.

When I am turned on I open up. He took that as an invitation to pound me harder as his cock began to knock on my cervix.  I then started to cum and moaned, writhed, screamed, scratched until the explosions within me began to cease.  Whether Erik came or no I am not sure as all there was for me was the joy of feeling his huge penis inside my body.

I Love Having My Ass Fucked

Rolled over and within moments was asleep.  How long after I am not sure but I began to have what I thought was a horny dream – feeling like I was having anal sex.  But as I woke up I realised it was not a dream.

Naughty Erik had slipped his penis inside my anus whilst I was sleeping.  He probably thought I did not like anal sex or would not allow him to have it whilst I was awake.  Silly Erik I love having my ass fucked – for me the orgasm is so much more intense than a vaginal orgasm – and that is really saying something.  When he saw that I was actually backing onto his cock with my ass it was like opening the gates of hell.

He became a wild man and was fucking my ass like a stallion.

Had me every which was and that was alright by me.  We had some of the most fabulous anal sex that I will never forget. It was early evening when I left and he was sound asleep when I made my way back to my suite. In the morning I went back to the gym and concentrated on my training. He was there also and he gave me the cordial treatment.  I took photos of my training session to post photos for my Instagram account.

It didn’t worry me too much as I lived out my fantasy with the tennis pro.

I thought about the possibility of a relationship with Erik. But to have a stable relationship with him would unfortunately be impossible. I’m too busy with all the work it takes to be an Instagram celebrity. He’s obsessed with being the best tennis player in the world. I know he’ll make it because he deserves it.

That evening, I went back to Erik’s room to make him a proposal.

Since we can’t have a serious relationship because we are too busy. And we travel around the world a lot, we could have a fuck fest over the next three days I am on Langkawi Island. No strings attached. He accepted and we lived the three horniest days and participated in all sorts of sexual depravities. We spent those three days almost always naked together. Never left the room except to go to the gym and for me to post my instagram photos.

What I liked best was the anal sex as it turned him into a beast.

Maybe secretly he was gay or something as he loved my ass more than my pussy, even my mouth. Besides being an extraordinary sportsman, he really was fabulous in bed.  He never gets tired and always wanted more. Erik continued his physical rehabilitation in Langkawi and I returned to Los Angeles with the sweetest of memories.

We never contacted each other again but often I get my sex toys out and masturbate. Thinking of that wonderful time!  It turns me on that much that I end up having some fetish phone sex.

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