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Malaysia is one of the most densely populated and famous countries around the world and you would not think Sky Bar KL Sex with a male escort would even exist. This country offers different opportunities to different people for both education, professional career and lifestyle.  A lot of people from around the world come to this country and get education or work to secure their future. I am one of those people.

I am a citizen of India and came to Malaysia in 2015.

Have been working in Kuala Lumpur for five years. I work in a SkyBar of Kuala Lumpur. I earn a very normal amount of Ringgit which is enough to support my family in India.  My stay was for only 6-months in this city and permitted work at the SkyBar. Within this short time span, a very strange thing happened to me.

Let me tell you about it.

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Sky Bar Kuala Lumpur

I was doing my routine work in the bar. A lady came to the bar counter and asked for a drink.  I gave her the drink ordered. To my amazement she downed it in one go and asked for another. I was not surprised because it was my daily routine. And a number of people used to come here and power drink almost half of bottle of wine within 15 minutes.

So, this was unusual but not abnormal to me.

I gave her the next drink. She again finished it immediately asking for another whilst sitting across from the bar. Watching her I could see from her body language that she was agitated and upset.  I do not think she was a regular drinker. But she is the kind that drinks when upset about something.   Well, I did not ask anything because it was none of my business and gave her the next drink.

She finished it again and pushed the glass away from her.

I thought that she would now be feeling the effect and would not ask for another drink. Got busy washing glasses and set them in their arrangements. After some time, I noticed that she was piercing her arm with a the plastic drink pick that had come with her drink. Some drops of blood had fallen on her blouse and table in front of her.  I ran over to her snatching the needle from her hands and forcefully said, ‘Stop’.

She looked at me, her eyes seeming to focus on who I was. Made a little hand movement, brushing away the hair from her eyes. And with glaring, piercing eyes in a gravelly voice that would make the dead rise from the grave, “Leave me Alone”. 

She scared the bejeezzus out of me and I walked away.

After a moment though I turned towards her and noticed she had picked another drink pick and had started to pierce her arm again.   I gathered my courage and went back to her.  This time I tried to grab the pick from her hands. But she saw me and spun in my direction telling me to stop.  It was frightening but I grabbed it from her hands and threw it away.

I grabbed the napkin that was on the table and put it around her arm as she watched me but did nothing to stop me. 

Sky Bar KL Sex

My first instinct was to call the manager and get him to call an ambulance or something. But it was then that I actually gazed at her and noticed how stunningly beautiful she was.  Looking down she had an open cut blouse that revealed her gorgeous cleavage.  There was movement in crotch.  I was embarrassed to have these feeling for someone that was obviously having some problems.

Her breast were to die for. There was clear cleavage from her dress which was showing a great part of her boobs and the edge of one of her nipples. Those boobs were quite creamy and fluffy.  I felt that my dick becoming fully erect and noticed that she is looking at me again. Somehow I found the willpower to avert my gaze and said, ‘It doesn’t matter how bad things are this is not the way to deal with it madame.’

Looking at her I could not help but notice her hair.

It was amazing, styled perfectly and looked a million dollars.  I could not help but ask, ‘Where did you get your hair done?’  She replied with a smile, ‘At the best’.

She said nothing. Wthout taking her eyes off mine stood up and walked out of the bar.  I thought this was the last I would see of her as she had not been in before and chalked it up to an experience all people working in bars come across from time to time.

The next day to my surprise, she again came to bar and directly came to me and asked me, “Do you remember?”

I said, “Yes I remember,  How could I forget”.

Then she said, “Then you surely may remember my name too”.

I said, “You did not tell your name.”

She said, “OH sorry. I am Sarah”.

I shook her hand and told her, “I am Rohan”.

Then she sat down and ordered a drink. I gave her the drink and she said, “Can you take leave for 15 minutes from this place.” I was confused why she is asking this to me. In the next moment, she said, “I want to talk to you about some particular things about yesterday”.

I was still confused but I said, “sure, give me a couple of minutes”.

We then both sat down on a couch in the bar.

She instantly said, “I want you to have sex with me”.

I was totally shocked and my mind was blown away that what is going on. I could not say anything and she kept talking. In her overall discussion, she said that she married a millionaire about a year ago. Her husband is almost 65 years old and he cannot fulfill her sexual needs. He has a lot of money but doesn’t give sexual pleasure. She wanted me to fulfil her sexual needs and for that, she was willing to pay me also.

I said why me?

She said, “Helping me yesterday and using the napkin to clean me up literally turned me on. I cannot stop imagining you and your dick inside me. Saw how turned on you got so want to take your hard dick in my mouth and lick it just like Ice cream. I know that you are also attracted to me. Am just trying to fulfil my needs and with this no strings arrangements I assume some of your financial ones.’

I was already turned on after listening to her talk. I instantly said ‘ok.’  She gave me her number and address of a hotel.

sky bar kl sex
Sex escorts in Malaysia

After my work, I went there and we had very rough sex.

She just treated me like a plaything and making me her slave. I fucked her in every way she commanded.  Had never fucked anyone else before like this. Her instructions turned me on completely. That night was absolutely incredible.

After having incredible animal sex, she paid me an amount that was worth over a month of me working at the bar. 

That night, both needs were fulfilled which are of course money and sex.

From that day, whenever she calls me, I go to her and fuck her in the way that it is like first time with her.  I don’t know if it is just money. But there is something sparking in her body that literally make me go crazy for her. 

I rue the day that she finds another plaything but whilst it is sunny I am making all the hay I can.

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