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I Lost My Virginity at 30!!

I lost my virginity at 30, and the experience was great. It was not easy to find my perfect man. Especially being a single woman in Malaysia where there is still a stigma relating to dating and sex.  There were… Read More

Malaysian Sex Toy Lovers Are Making Money Online: Here’s How

Being Malaysian Sex Toy Lovers allows you to experience a certain kind of sexual fulfillment that many never do. Luckily, nowadays people love their sex toys and are not shy about it have also found ways to take this pleasure… Read More

What Are Sexual Fetishes?

It is likely that you enjoy seeing your partner wear high heels during sex.  But that does not always mean you are a shoe fetishist.  What are Sexual Fetishes? Definition of a fetish is an emotional response to something other… Read More

Malaysian Pleasure Trip

A Business Trip That Became A Malaysian Pleasure Trip

When the plane landed on the runway of Kuala Lumper airport I knew this was going to be A Malaysian Pleasure Trip. I opened my eyes and started looking out the window. It was a scenic view. My love for… Read More

the malaysian-pleasure-trip/

The Malaysian Pleasure Trip: One To Remember

I opened my eyes, the movement of the plane as it landed in Kuala Lumpur managed to wake me up ready for the Malaysian pleasure trip. I work in an international company and this was the fourth time I had… Read More