She Male Escorts of Kuala Lumpur

She Male Escorts of Kuala Lumpur would change my view on diversity. I despised the fact that we have to live our lives according to some social norms and expectations. With over 7 billion people, being either this or that… Read More

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Using The KL Escort Directory

The KL Escort Directory has become an ever-popular choice for people seeking a discreet, professional, and well-trained malaysia escorts. This is something that I can amply assure you of. As the directory is run by a developed company with much… Read More

I Lost My Virginity at 30!!

I lost my virginity at 30, and the experience was great. It was not easy to find my perfect man. Especially being a single woman in Malaysia where there is still a stigma relating to dating and sex.  There were… Read More

My Shocking Malaysian Sexscapade

When the flight landed in Kuala Lumpur, I felt like I was stepping into a hot-air balloon. All around me were foreign faces.  There was noise and color and people holding onto men with beards and sunglasses and it was… Read More

Girls Of Malaysia Like To Play – An Erotic Story

Erotic Stories – Girls of Malaysia Girls of Malaysia like to play, and they play by their own rules. They never make the first move, they play coy. And they wait until you’re on your knees begging to touch them… Read More

Tales of A Malaysia Escort

Daira was back to her old self again. Clean clothes and undyed hair, this time its shoulder length. She felt liberated and could walk another mile without feeling the need to open the curtains and get a glimpse of the… Read More

A Night with My Malay Bikie

Let me tell you a story about My Malay Bikie. I’ve always heard about the natural beauties that Malaysia had to offer. Have sunbathed on their pristine beaches, visited the Petronas towers in the capital. But little did I know… Read More

Squirter in KL Malaysia

The Taiwanese Squirter in KL Malaysia

I fell in love with a Taiwanese Squirter in KL Malaysia during a vacation there when I was in my twenties. So I decided to pack up everything and move there. My name is Josh and I have been living… Read More

Escorts In KL Malaysia

If you are looking for escorts in KL Malaysia, there are definitely some beautiful ones who will show you a good time. You just need to know where to look and what to look for to ensure that you find… Read More

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Kuala Lumpur’s Top Escort Services

If you’re visiting Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia check out the Top Escort Services. One of the most exciting cities in Asia, it’s probably because you want to see the sights, enjoy a new culture and experience something new. … Read More