If you are looking for escorts in KL Malaysia, there are definitely some beautiful ones who will show you a good time. You just need to know where to look and what to look for to ensure that you find the best of the best. Malaysia is a beautiful country. But if you reading this, I am guessing that you are not going there for just the sightseeing. This guide has been put together to help you find the escorts that do it for you in Kuala Lumpur. Carry on reading to discover the lowdown on what has been described by some as “the sex capital of Asia“.

Where to Find Escorts in KL Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur has a variety of red-light districts where you can find strippers, escorts, and all that fun stuff. Go to some of the top areas for that kind of thing. There is no doubt that you could be wandering around for hours on end occupying yourself.  Girls of all different shapes, sizes, and skin colors to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the red-light districts in Kuala Lumpur. So that you know where to go when you are in need of a little fun.

Bukit Bintang

So, Bukit Bintang red light district is probaly one of the more upmarket ones in Kuala Lumpur. It is really a pretty awesome place to hang out. Not only is it jam-packed with brothels, massage parlors, and streetwalkers. There are also bars and shopping centers to enjoy.  Girls won’t be shy about approaching you if you are out and about in this area. They are so hot that you might find it hard to say no!

Foreign prostitutes from all neighboring Asian countries can be found in this area. So there is something for everyone. They will often be hanging outside the clubs in Bukit Bintang. If they ask you for a good time, make sure to ask for a price. And sorting out payment before taking her back to yours or going to hers.

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Red Light Districts

Lorong Haji Taib

This area is more downmarket than Butik Bintiang. But there are still lots of escorts here. A lot of the hotels and houses are also used as brothels. There are all different kinds of escorts operating here. Also an area in this location where transgender escorts or shemales of Malaysia are known to operate. This is located adjacent to Chow Kit at the back of the guest houses and also on the street.

Whatever type of experience you are looking for, you will find it here.

Brothels and Massage Parlors

There are brothels and massage parlors throughout several areas of Kuala Lumpur. You can find some amazing sex workers who really know what they are doing. And are guaranteed to make you leave with a smile on your face.  Some of the locations where you can find these places are Jalan Alor, Jalan Hicks, and Jalan Thamibipilly in Brickfields.

You need to keep in mind that a lot of these places are disguised as other established due to the law on prostitution in Kuala Lumpur.  Some of the places they would be called include spas, health centers, and salons.  Despite this, your “massage” is sure to finish with a happy ending.  You might spot girls hanging around outside these places. And you can often tell just by the way that they look at you whether they are sex workers or not.

Foreign Escorts in KL Malaysia

There are many pubs throughout the Dangdut area. Ethnicities of the escort girls who work there are Singaporean, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese. There are lots of different escort services for you to take advantage of throughout the Klang Valley too. Girls who work as guest relations officers in the bars in Klang Valley, they like it when customers spend money on them at the bar.

They are more choosey than other escorts but will agree to go home with the men they like for a negotiated price. This can be a little bit of a more riskier way to meet escorts though. So just make sure that you do keep your guard about you. A lot of girls will advertise their services in the local newspaper and also online. Some other popular places where you can pick up escorts include the central market at night and Taman Tasik Park in Titiwangsa.

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Websites to find Escorts in KL Malaysia

If you don’t fancy the idea of walking the streets of the red-light districts, you could always opt to find an escort online instead.

There are many sites that offer Kuala Lumpur escorts so just search for the top ones. A great thing about using the internet is that you can browse the photos of the different escorts (and there are loads of them!)  This allows you to find the girl or girls who are right for you.  There will also be a price list for however many hours you want and perhaps different sex acts. Make sure that you talk to the escort you are interested in before you meet in the flesh. So you can agree on the services. Because the last thing you want is to meet someone who doesn’t do what you want.

You would usually be able to book an incall or outcall which is really convenient.

While there might be some confusion about whether a girl is an escort when you meet her on the street, there will definitely be no confusion online.  Whether you are in the area for work or pleasure, you should definitely be able to take some time for the services of a beautiful escort.

Hopefully, this article has been informative in giving you the low-down on the sex scene in Kuala Lumpur. And where to find escorts in KL Malaysia. Whether you are interested in browsing the hot spots on foot. Or you would prefer to find some beauties online, it’s completely up to you.

One thing is for sure, the girls in Malaysia are super sexy and accommodating so you are guaranteed a time to remember!

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