Squirter in KL Malaysia

I fell in love with a Taiwanese Squirter in KL Malaysia during a vacation there when I was in my twenties. So I decided to pack up everything and move there. My name is Josh and I have been living in Malaysia for almost 5 years now.  As a single guy, I was really excited to discover all the different types of women in Kuala Lumpur. To be honest, I have a really high sex drive and was just desperate to get laid.  An amazing thing is that there are so many ethnicities of women, like singapore girls in Kuala Lumpur. So anyone can find whatever or whoever is their fantasy.

Whatever Woman You Want

One day when I was at the local store, I was served by a gorgeous casher who was a little overly friendly when she served me. She had a really pretty face with big brown eyes and pouty lips. I could tell that she was of Asian ethnicity and I later found out she was Taiwanese. She was wearing a tight white shirt.  I could see that she had quite a big pair of tits. But I couldn’t see the rest of her body. Her name tag read “Lin”. Since I hadn’t been with a woman for some time, I decided to ask her for a coffee.

She blushed and said that is not the right thing to do with a customer. But she would be at the coffee shop across the road at 5 pm and maybe she would see me there.

I gave her a wink and left, looking forward to seeing her that night.

5 pm came and I was outside the coffee shop waiting for her, when she showed up, my jaw dropped. She had definitely been home to change after work. Was wearing a cute little red dress that showed off her breasts, her tiny waist, and her peachy ass. She was always wearing thigh-high black boots that looked amazing on her. Was definitely out to impress me that night. I must have been staring because she giggled and we went inside.

Cut the Small Talk – I Wanted her Body

We got to know each other a little over coffee. But I was not really interested in small talk, I just wanted her body. I could tell that she wanted me too, just by the way that she looked at me. She said that she liked my tattoos and muscular physique. As we left and stood outside the coffee shop, she leaned in for a kiss.

“I don’t usually kiss on the first date Josh, but I just can’t help myself.”

I cupped her face and pulled her in again. Letting my tongue dance with hers and I put my hands on her waist. We broke apart and I said, “Why stop at a kiss then Lin? My apartment is right over there.”


taiwanese squirter
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She grinned, nodded and I led her across the road. My arm was around her and I grabbed her ass and gave it a little squeeze. She giggled before making an “Mmmmm” noise.

I could tell that she was desperate for my cock.

We barely made it inside the apartment as our hands roamed over each other. I grabbed her dress and pulled it over her head as we went to the bedroom. Her body was even more amazing than I thought and she was wearing a sexy black lingerie set.  She felt the lump growing in my jeans, “You are growing for me Josh, I want to see how big you are.”  I pulled off all of my clothes quickly and my erection sprang free.

She gasped, “Such a big boy, can I please taste you?”

I loved how much of a dirty slut she was. She got down on her knees on the floor and started sucking my cock like a pro. Was so good that I had to stop myself from cumming. So I stopped her and instructed her to lay back on the bed. She took her underwear off and laid down.

Wow! Her tits were bigger than her slim frame. But looked amazing, she had tiny pink nipples that were erect and her pussy was shaved. I got on top of her and we continued kissing and then I went down her body and started sucking on her tits.  She moaned gently and grabbed my head urging me down.

I knew what she wanted and I opened her legs.

Her pussy was neat and pink

I spread her lips and started rubbing her clit. She moaned and I delved my tongue into her wetness. I started licking her pussy slowly. Speeding up from time to time and I knew my technique would be enough to make her cum.

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A Taiwanese Squirter

It didn’t take long for her to writhe around on the bed, she was moaning in appreciation.  “Oh Josh, yes, I’m going to cum for you baby.”  She had an orgasm and as she did, she started gushing into my mouth. Her juices tasted so sweet.

She was a squirter, I couldn’t believe it and I loved it.

A squirter in Malaysia, who would have thought. I told her how much I loved the taste of her juices and she said, “only for you, I have never squirted before”.  After she climaxed she lay me back on the bed. And jumped on top of my cock, easing her soaking wet pussy down on me. She was so tight, it was one of the tightest pussies I’d ever had and the sensation was amazing.

My hands squeezed at her amazing tits while she rode me, I couldn’t take my eyes off her body and didn’t want this to end!

She started riding me furiously and begged me to cum inside her and who was I to say no to that?  She was moaning so loudly at this point. I could feel that she had started squirting again. My cock was soaked and it didn’t take me long for me to shoot my load inside her pussy.

Lin rolled off me and giggled, “Same time tomorrow baby?”

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