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Girls of Malaysia like to play, and they play by their own rules. They never make the first move, they play coy. And they wait until you’re on your knees begging to touch them before they give in to you. And when they do, it’s nothing less than the absolute pleasure that awaits you!

Timmy, a Young Man From England

I say Timmy to protect his identity, is a young man from England. He was visiting KL for work when he met my friends. They gave him my number and he asked me out for dinner at Lot 10 on Monday night.

We hit it off and had a lot in common, especially when it came to our love of traveling. Timmy’s business deal fell through, so he had some free time. What better way to spend it than with the girls of Malaysia? We decided to meet up again at Kuchai Lama’s strip club Moulin Rouge. It’s one of the biggest strip clubs in Asia, and certainly the most expensive one too. But we were hungry men, hungry for the kind of entertainment that only Moulin Rouge could provide.

And what we got did not disappoint! Girls were sexy as hell. Wearing barely anything but feathers and sequins all over their body-shaking curves.

girls of malaysia
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Cathy, Timmy’s host sister in Kuala Lumpur

Timmy, you had better not leave a girl on your own for too long, his mother warned him.  Malaysian girls are very eager. Dating a malaysian woman can be  trouble if you’re not careful. Cathy laughed and playfully slapped her brother’s shoulder. Don’t worry! I’ll keep an eye on him! she said.

Timmy was the first boy in their family to go to America for school. He was going to miss them so much! But he knew that it would only be for a year. Then he would come back to see them again as well as all of his other friends from school. It was time to say goodbye and good luck before getting on the plane at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. He wished that he could stay with them forever. But his mother wanted him to go abroad to broaden his horizons and explore new cultures.

She also wanted him to learn English

So that when he came back he could speak it fluently like her, who spoke five languages fluently. Airport looked strange with many people speaking English or other foreign languages. It made Timmy feel more homesick than ever before. He got through customs quickly without any issues. Even though there were many people milling about with strange accents and unfamiliar words spilling out of their mouths.

He headed over towards the window where people were leaving for departure gates when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

erotic stories
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Little Sue, Timmy’s Malaysian girlfriend

So, Little Sue is a lovely Malaysian girl who loves to play. Her favorite game is to tease her guy and then quickly run away when he’s about to have his way with her. It’s not that she doesn’t want it she does. But she also likes playing hard-to-get. That’s why she makes him chase her around town before bending over, sitting on his lap. Or shimmying out of her shorts, or whatever it is that’ll get him off so they can go home and have sex.

She likes feeling desirable and wanted by a horny man

But she also likes making him work for it a little bit before he gets what he wants. One day she was teasing Timmy in the car as usual and he decided to put an end to the teasing. He pulled up next to her house. Jumped out of the car, and grabbed her arm from behind just as she was about to open the door. He spun her around quickly so she could feel his cock against her ass.

Give me some pussy, baby! he growled at her in Malay. Which was what they spoke together at home sometimes since there were no other people in their city who spoke it well enough for them to chat in their native tongue.

Amy, an Australian friend of the group

Why are you always so cranky, Amy? Look at how we were treated today. We can’t go for a walk and be seen as two girls talking to each other without everyone staring and pointing at us. Then there was that guy on our last train ride who kept humping your leg like you were his girlfriend or something. What is wrong with them? I know sweetie, they can be quite frustrating sometimes but what else can we do?

If I see another cockroach crawling in my bed tonight I might just scream! But I don’t know if it is worth it moving to a different hotel every night just because of creepy guys like him.

Besides, I am here now and I really want to make the most out of this trip.

You know how it is when you feel horny all the time because you are surrounded by sexy Malaysian girls day after day. And the way they flirt with me! Sometimes when I feel their hand graze against mine while we queue up for food at the stalls near where we stay. My pussy starts tingling again like before.

Sally, an Irish girl visiting Kuala Lumpur

This is going to be awesome! Sally thought, as she rolled over and kissed her boyfriend goodbye. Their one-month trip was coming to an end. But it wasn’t a moment too soon for her. As much as she loved traveling with him, it had started getting difficult to be away from all of her friends.  I can’t wait until I get back home, she thought, as he left for work that morning. It was her last day in Kuala Lumpur before they caught their flight back home.

What better way to spend it than with another tourist?

She packed up quickly and decided on a plan of action. After some research online, she found the perfect place to meet some other tourists at noon: a nearby Starbucks. With just enough time to get there and find someone interesting. She grabbed her purse and rushed out the door. Sure enough, there were plenty of people milling about the tables outside. Some reading newspapers or chatting with each other while others used their laptops or iPads.

Sally found herself feeling instantly more optimistic.

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