Daira was back to her old self again. Clean clothes and undyed hair, this time its shoulder length. She felt liberated and could walk another mile without feeling the need to open the curtains and get a glimpse of the outside world. In order to keep herself normal, she had taken up a part-time job at a departmental store in Kuala Lumpur. But still, it didn’t satisfy her. Thought of making a living in this manner her entire life, was just too much to take in. One day, she had decided to do something about it and made up her mind to become a malaysia escort.

It was the best decision she ever made.

Daira had been able to turn her passion for being an escort into a paying job. She had attractive clients and earned enough money to live comfortably with her family. On weekends and public holidays, she worked hard at dropping extra weight. She always looked good and would certainly attract more clients than usual.  Had been making a lot of money from this job. So she decided to upgrade herself and became a Malaysia escort.

Tales of A Malaysia Escort

She joined an ad on the Net about escort jobs. It was an online classified advert where people looking for escorts could place their ads calling them out. She chose the best one amongst all and replied to it. Asking if they were interested in hiring her as an escort in Malaysia. A few days later, they called her up and asked her if she was interested in starting work with them immediately. She agreed and moved to Malaysia with her family while they got themselves settled there properly.

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Daira started working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Her new boss was a middle aged Indian man who ran an escort service for the best paying clients from all around the world. He was very influential and had been a good friend of her new employer. Told her that he would take care of all her needs. She just needed to concentrate on making as much money as she could. It was indeed a great opportunity for Daira. So she took it up right away.

Since then, she earned thousands of dollars every month through escorting services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But she had a request to not work with the same clients more than once. She had to call them in and ask what kind of girl they were looking for. An hour later she would be ready with her customized escort costume. She really enjoyed her job.

Daira knew that this business was based on trust and reputation.

So she took her clients very seriously when escorting them to wherever they wanted to go. She would always ask for their preferences. If it was a restaurant or bar, she’d know enough to make an appropriate impression on them.  She had also been told that her master, the Arab sheikh, loved women with curves and bouncy breasts.  So it was okay to go out of the way to impress him.

This was how Daira turned herself into a Malaysia escort with a personality which would get her more clients than ever before.

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Independent Escorts In Kuala Lumpur

High Quality Services

She never failed to give her master high quality services as required by him. She was always well dressed, but in a sexy and confident way. It wasn’t her intention to show off her body. But she felt that the way she could make her clients feel more relaxed than usual was by showing them how beautiful she was. She would give them a massage if they wanted it. Make sure to tell them about the things happening around town that day.

Because of this kind of service, Daira had been able to get as many clients as possible into her boss’ services. It had become so popular that other women started to join the company because of this business which never failed to net high profit margins for everyone involved with it.

“I have to say I think it’s a brilliant idea,” the boss said.

“I’m sure my clients will adore her like the loyal dog she has turned herself into.”

He was smiling as he spoke and could not keep his eyes off of Daira. She smiled back at him. But was still staring at her boss every time she lifted her head up from behind the table she was serving drinks on. Her boss continued to smile when he saw Daira’s reaction to someone entering the bar with a bunch of guys. He had expected her to be surprised by their guests. But instead it looked like she had been expecting them.

Her boss had been told by one of his employees that a group of Arab sheikhs had come to stay in Malaysia. They were regulars and always tended to be the first customers when they came and demanded the best services.  It was a well-known fact that these guests always provided high quality services. So the boss had hired Daira as soon as he got his hands on her photo.

As Daira walked up to the table, the manager saw that she was smiling.

He wondered what could have made her so happy seeing these Arabs here. They were some of their most expensive clients. Considering how much they paid for their escorts’ services and how powerful they were in government circles.

“Greetings, gentleman and welcome to escorts in KL malaysia. Kuala Lumpur. My name is Daira and I will be serving you for tonight.” She bowed her head slightly and smiled as she spoke. Manager was impressed that she had taken it upon herself to serve the Arabs first. He was also sure that she would never let any other girl at this bar outshine her in front of their guests.

“You’re very kind,” one of the men said, looking up at her while he took his seat.

He remembered her from the last time they came here.

When they had hired a different escort who didn’t give them as good a service as this one was doing right now. Her boss was smiling too. He knew the sheikh was a discerning customer. So he would make sure to keep him happy.

“I’m told that you are regulars here and that you always take the best seats in the house.” She said to them, smiling at each of them one by one. Despite being a bit nervous from just looking at their faces.  She moved around to serve their drinks while they ordered food. And then brought it quickly to them when they were done ordering.

Once they had finished eating and everyone had left the bar.  Daira stayed behind to clean it up in case her boss wanted her service for anything else. It was a shame that he wasn’t interested in hiring her for anything else tonight. But she was used to this kind of thing.

As long as she had something new to do, she would be happy.

As she cleaned up the bar one final time, Daira thought about how much she had grown as a person since starting her job at the bar. She knew that the more clients she had worked with. More people would come to know her and be impressed with her abilities.

She hoped that one day soon they would ask her to be their manager. Or something just as high up in their business. She had a lot of talent to show, and like her boss, she would make sure that she got the clients they wanted.

After she finished cleaning up and turned off all the lights in the bar. Daira sat on a bench outside to wait for her supervisor to come. She didn’t have much time because her shift was winding down and it was already past midnight.  Couldn’t wait for them to call her if they needed anything else from her tonight or for any other time. When it came time to go home, Daira had decided not to work this week. Because of the celebration she was going to have with some of the other girls at their karaoke club that Friday evening.

Just because she was a Malaysian escort, it didn’t mean that she could take time off work whenever she wanted.

Her boss would not be happy with her if he saw her being so irresponsible and he would have to let go of her as well. He needed to know what his employees were going to do with their lives. If Daira was too lazy to do the job she had been hired for. Then she’d have to think about another line of work.

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