Let me tell you a story about My Malay Bikie. I’ve always heard about the natural beauties that Malaysia had to offer. Have sunbathed on their pristine beaches, visited the Petronas towers in the capital. But little did I know that one of my most memorable nights here would be in some seedy motel.  Receiving the pounding of a lifetime from my Malay bikie.

Work has been more hectic than ever. With my company dealing with the growing pains of its rapid expansion into different different countries. When I was offered a cushy position as a data analyst on the team they were building in Malaysia, there was little reason for me to refuse.  I’d miss New Zealand, but a fresh start was long overdue.  I dumped my deadbeat boyfriend who hasn’t gotten me wet in months. And let the lease on my apartment expire.

Second I stepped off the plane into my new home, encumbered by numerous bags of luggage, a wave of excitement washed over me.  So many new places to see, and people to meet. I could hardly wait. So, I behaved much like a tourist on my first month there.

my malay bikie
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They based me in Kuala Lumpur, so I got to see some of the tourist traps.

Although the food here is amazing, my almost weekly binges of Apam balik and Rendang have started to show on my body. So with my first paycheck in Malaysia, I bought an E-bike and joined a cycling group. I met him on one of our Bi-weekly routes, that started around late afternoon.

“Hey, wait up!” I heard a voice shout from behind me.

My Malaysian needed a lot more practice. But I still slowed my pedaling for the man lagging behind us. He was panting slightly as he caught up to me. Riding a top of the line bike that put my entry level unit to shame. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt. Affording me a view of his bulging biceps, glistening with sweat.

“Thanks for waiting, almost I woke up late and almost missed today’s circuit,” he said, flashing me a boyish grin.

My Malay Bikie

Warmth met my cheeks as I struggled to even stay on my bike. Not getting any action in a while probably has my hormones on overdrive. But I swear that man has a magnetism about him that I can’t shake even to this day. As I was racking my brain for a feeble attempt at a reply, he suddenly switched to fluent English.

“You’re not from around here are you?” he asks.

At this point, we both stop on the route completely. Letting the others continue without us. I shook my head sheepishly. Tilting my head upwards to make eye contact. “I’m Adam.” We take our bikes off the road, chatting all the while. At first I can’t believe how much we’re opening up to each other.

I tell him why I’m in Malysia, and what pushed me to make such a huge change in my life.

Cling to his words, but I still can’t take my eyes off of his rippling arms. Every now and again, he’d lift his shirt to wipe the sweat dripping onto his face. Allowing me to steal a glance at his six pack abs. He seems to notice, and likes the attention. Sunset colors the sky a light orange, eventually tinting the clouds a dark, pinkish hue.

“It’s getting late. I’d love to show you around the city, if you’d like.  Been here my whole life,” he offers. I accept without hesitation, and hop on our bikes again.

As I straddle the seat, my mind swarms with thoughts of straddling something else.

He takes us back to his house to freshen up before our night out. While he’s in the bathroom, I notice the biker helmets and leather jackets hanging in his room. I feel a few of them. They’re genuine, supple to the touch. I hear a door swing open, and turn to see him exiting the bathroom, with a towel wrapped round his muscular frame. Approaching me cautiously, he brings our faces close to each other. And in that moment, all the lust borne from months without sex poured out of me.

Pressed my lips against his, hungrily, my mouth opening to welcome his tongue.

I Wanted It As Much As He Did

He lets out a guttural grunt, making me believe he wanted it as much as I did. His enclose gently around my neck, and pushes me away from him slightly. Leveling his gaze with mine, his eyes betray a tamed yet burning desire for my body, but he controls himself.

“Do you want this?” he asks.

I get on my knees and pull the towel off his body, revealing his veiny, engorged cock. Wrapping my lips around the tip, I run my tongue along the head, eliciting a moan of approval from my Malay bikie. He tasted as good as when I had sex with the tennis pro. I form my lips into an O and start sucking further along his shaft, feeling his dick press against the back of my throat. He was so big, I didn’t think I could take all of him.

But when I you crave for a strong man as much as I was at that moment, I impressed even myself.

With his cock slick with my saliva

I bob my head forwards and back, determined to pleasure him to the best of my ability. His salty taste only deepened my lust. My hands fondled his smooth balls, as precious as any rare jewel.

He pulls out of my mouth and and picks me up, carrying me with ease towards his bed. I wrap my legs around his waist and kiss him deeply, our tongues locked in a dance for dominance.

Adam lays me gently on the bed, the soft mattress giving in to my weight. He helps me undress by unbuttoning my pants while I rip off my shirt. My panties are thoroughly moist, making me shiver when the cool air hits my pussy. Butterflies fluttering within my core melt away. Replaced by pleasure when his lips touch the lips between my legs. Stubble growing on his face tickles my inner thigh, overwhelming me with pleasant sensations.

He eats me out with poised precision

Directing his focus to the epicenter of my pleasure. My hands fly to his scalp, clenching fistfulls of his hair between my hands.

At this point, I didn’t want to beat around the bush anymore. I had to have Adam inside of me. As if reading my mind, Adam plants kisses along my torso, working his way up until he’s nibbling on my neck. Summoning all my strength, I push him onto his side and roll on top of him. Pinning him down on the bed. I swing my legs over his pelvis, effectively straddling him and locking him in place.

I was delirious with desire. Wanting his cock so bad that I was willing to do all the work. I stare down at his perfectly sculpted body. Glad that every inch of it was mine to explore at least for tonight. He positions his hard member upright as I lift myself up. Steadily lower myself onto him until I’ve engulfed his entire cock.

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“Good girl!” he praises me.

We practically moan in unison, his face contorting as the pleasure of his cock in my pussy washes over him.  I’m already such a slut for his cock that I waste no time at all. I rock my hips back and forth, sparking pleasurable fiction at the place where our bodies meet. Unhook my bra and toss it to the side. Pheromones I’m exuding make my breasts feel more sensitive. Sending delightful shockwaves through my body when he cups them from below me.

He grunts in ecstasy each time I grind on his cock. His beautiful muscles tensing and flexing as his body adapts to me riding him. I used to be self conscious about the noises I made in bed. But now all my insecurities were discarded, like the clothes I shed to facilitate our sexual encounter.

Now all O cared about was riding this man until he shot his load inside of me.

‘Fuck yeah, ride that cock!” he exclaims in between gasps of gratification.

I place my hands on his firm pecs, requiring the extra balance as I increased the tempo of my fevered riding. Adam’s hands fly to my hips, gripping them tightly. Sure to leave tender marks when the sun rises, or when I stop riding him.

Whichever comes first.

Deciding to switch up my movement, I lift myself up until only the head of his cock remains inside of me. Only to slam myself back all the way down his length again. A sweet numbness permeates the entire lower half of my body. Radiating outward from where his sex is buried deep inside of me. I lean forward to wrap my lips around his again. Though never slowing down even for a moment. Adam’s ragged breathing and salacious moans builds to a crescendo. My primal urges telling me that he was close to climax.

So desperate for his cum, I only rode him faster in response. With an enraptured cry, Adam thrusts upward as far as he can go, filling me with his warm load.

With a satisfied sigh, I dismount from his crotch.

His spent cock exiting my pussy with a satisfying pop.

I was sure to keep him close during the rest of my time in Malaysia. And while I would ride bikes with him during the day. Our nights always ended the same way, with him coming hard from underneath me, after sitting on his pole. We had many more hot encounters since that first night. I can’t wait until the next time I can push him down onto his bed.  And hear his moans of pleasure in my ear as I bury his cock deep inside of me.

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