Batu Caves

Batu Caves

I went on a tour to the Batu Batu Caves, which is in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur. To make it convenient, I bought a ticket with a tour company. Although I could just as easily got a grab car and gone by myself. The tour picked me up at my hotel and I sat next to a girl called Aishah on the bus. Honest, it was the only seat left; I was not looking to hook up with anyone.

It was a hot day, and the bus was stuffy so before long I had fallen asleep. Not long after I felt Aishah wriggling a bit in the seat and my eyes opened to see what was happening. Looking down, I could see Aishah reaching down towards the floor. I assumed she had dropped something. And I was just about to resume my sleep when I saw her hand coming back up. It was clutching my wallet, which I had put in my small camera bag.

Since she was in the window seat, I saw no urgency in reacting and watched as she opened the wallet to inspect the contents.

“You will not find much in there,” I whispered.

She froze and looked at me with her face showing panic as she realized I had caught her. I shuffled to straighten myself and slowly reached over to recover my wallet.

“Please Don’t report me”, she pleaded.  “I am a Taiwan Escort working here to support my family.”

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Now, to be honest, I really had no intention of reporting her as I did not want to spend a day in a police station filling out forms, but I was not going to tell her that. It would be too easy.

Far to easy, and I was going to have a little fun with her instead.

“Hmm, I need to think about this, you tried to steal from me, after all”, I scolded. her.

I will think about what to do as the day goes on. You will stay close to me until I decide. The tour operator has your name from the booking, and your fingerprints are on my wallet, so do not run. I asked her name, and she told me it was Aishah. As I said this we pulled into the first stop on the tour which was a Pewter factory. As usual, the tour company would try to get a commission from local businesses by bringing loads of tourists to their premises.

Everyone got off the bus and I thought I would have a little fun so I said loudly “Here we are dear, this should be fun”, as I grabbed her hand in mind. Then with her in tow, I strode into the factory.

She whispered to me, “What Are you doing”?

I turned to her and said, “Oh Sorry, I can report you now if you prefer”.

“No, no, it is ok.”, was her response.

Every time we stopped in a crowd to listen to someone talking on the tour, I intentionally stood behind her. Looking over her head and wrapping my arms around her. I could feel how stiff she was and how much she was hating this.

Then turned to a couple next to us who were looking and explained that it was our honeymoon. I got a sharp heel in my leg when I said that. Really did not intend to take this very far. I was just planning on brightening up a boring tour with a little Aishah fun. At the end of the tour, I would wave her on her way, but she did not know that. When we got on the bus again, I let her sit next to the window then sat close up to her and rested my hand on her upper thigh. Maybe I am evil, but I was really enjoying her discomfort.

This is Humiliating

She whispered to me again: “Just What do you think you are doing”? and sighed “This is humiliating”.

“I know”, I chuckled.

Just to make my point, I gave her upper thigh a little squeeze.

And then in a more serious voice, I told her “I Can end this at any stage you want I will then hand you over to the police. The moment you stop playing along, it ends. You can put up with me for this tour or spend months in prison. The choice is yours.

She realized her position was hopeless and in a low voice said, “OK, do what you want, as long as I go free at the end of the tour. I have children at my parents’ house, and I have to earn money for them”.

Those words momentarily made me realize the power I had over her

And I could feel stirrings down below. But, I remembered that this was just a bit of fun and knew I would not take it too far.

We pulled up outside the Batu Caves and were immediately in a large crowd of people. Aishah had obviously learned her lesson and dutifully grasped my hand, as we stood by the bus. As we reached the entrance I was pulled aside and told that shorts were not allowed. They gave me a kind of skirt type covering to put on.  Guy didn’t speak English so I stood there a bit confused. And Aishah, without being asked, grabbed the item and placing her arms around me fixed it in place.

She then held my hand as we were carried away into the complex with the crowds.

There were monkeys everywhere who had one clear mission, to intimidate the tourists and steal from them. I was ok with that as I had experienced the same sort of environment before. But Aishah was terrified and when the monkeys approached she would bury herself in my chest. I was almost worth encouraging the monkeys to get her pushing her head and breasts into my chest so hard. A couple of times as I held her and comforted her.

I found myself holding her soft pliable breast in my hand.

She was so scared she didn’t appear to notice. Our guide was not very good and was much less enthusiastic than he had been at the Pewter factory. He didn’t explain much about the statue or history of the place. To be honest, with the crowds and the heat and the marauding monkeys, I didn’t think the tour was value for money. But Aishah was definitely making it more interesting.

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Public Shows of Affection

I was constantly pushing the boundaries between was permitted socially with public shows of affection. Taking as much advantage of Aishah’s body as I could while she was distracted. Much of our contact was hidden by the crowds pressing against us and I let my hands “accidently roam quite a bit.

Eventually, it was time to make our way back to the bus and Aishah thanked me for helping fend off the monkeys, but then she grinned and winked and said: “although I think you enjoyed that”.

Perhaps I had not been so subtle as I thought.

We got back onto the coach and settled down for the trip home. Aishah sat slightly sideways facing me and rested her head on my shoulder as if to sleep. She threw her arm over my chest and held me close as we traveled the road back to our hotel pick up. I was pretty sure she was not staying at the hotel and had just joined the trip to find tourists to rob.  Had put paid to that and her day was without profit.

As we got closer to the hotel and the bus was now almost in darkness, she lifted her head and kissed me gently on my cheek. I looked down at her and she raised her head to give me a passionate kiss on my lips. Before replacing her head on my chest, with her hand now re-positioned on my lap where.

She gently rubbed my penis through my pants.

At the hotel, we got off the bus and I prepared to say goodbye; she held me once again and said I still have not repaid my debt to you, grasped my hand and lead me toward the hotel.

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