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I was ready to discover Malaysia’s Jalan Alor I was not sure what to expect – certainly not Malaysian sex. Someone I met had told me that it was a great place to meet girls. And there was a lot of action. Just what I was looking for. I had one more night in Kuala Lumpur and I would make sure it was a good one.

Jalan Alor is a bustling street it had a real buzz to it with plenty of food outlets of various kinds. Every few yards were girls handing out cards and trying to convince me that I wanted a massage. There are a great many stores ranging from those selling ethnic tourist type gifts to the bright lights of 7-11.

Malaysian Sex

As I walked along this road dodging the crowds, I have to admit I felt a bit lonely. I had been traveling some weeks now. While I had met lots of people, I was lacking someone who I could share a real connection with.  If that were not possible I would just settle for some Malaysian Sex.

That was when I saw her sitting on a wall wearing tight fit black jeans, a loose white top covered by a black jacket. Her head covered by a plain pink hijab. She was sitting there totally engrossed in her large black phone. Whatever she was looking at had produced a beautiful smile on her face. It was that mysterious smile which captivated me.

I summoned up one of the few Malaysian phrases I knew and spoke to her as I approached.

“Selamat tengah hari “

She looked up shocked that a foreigner was speaking Malaysian. And as she saw me standing facing her she uncrossed her legs and, fortunately for me, replied in English. “hello, are you American”?

I really hate it when people assume I am American. Unless told otherwise everyone in Asia seemed to assume that any English-speaking foreigner is American. But she was so beautiful I could forgive her anything.

There was just something about those dark eyes

And pouting red lips framed in a Hijab that entranced me. Earlier in my education about Malaysian Sex, I had learned that the girls who wore the hijab were less likely to go on a date with you.  So as I looked at her I had little expectation of more than a few words before we both moved on.  We talked for a few moments and I discovered her name was Noor, which she told me meant “light”. It seemed peculiarly apt name as she had certainly brightened my day.

She then asked me what I was doing in Jalan Alor. I explained that I had been planning to have a massage. She laughed and told me to follow her. I tried to hold her hand as we walked. But she said that was not correct. So I ended up walking half a step behind her as she rushed along the street and then into a narrow side road.

beautiful malaysian girl
Dark Eyed Malaysian Girl

Ahead I could see the neon sign that said “Health Spa”.

Noor pulled me along a corridor She pulled me inside and had an animated conversation with the girl on reception, who she seemed to know well.  I had no idea what the conversation was about. But at the end of the chat they both laughed.  Noor pulled me along a corridor into a massage room. I thought for a moment that Noor worked here and was going to give me a massage. But suddenly another young woman entered the room wearing just a short white Kimono top.

Again, she and Noor had a long conversation and I could see I was the topic. At first, the new girl seemed uncertain about what was being discussed. But eventually, she broke into a broad small and indicated I should go and get undressed. I came back with a towel around me and lay on the table.

Noor appeared to have gone.

It was just the masseur who I found out was called Jay.

It seemed odd but she draped a towel over my head before she started the massage which was one of the finer massages I had ever had.  She had lovely soft small hands and towards the end, the message was getting very intimate until eventually.  I felt a hand on my penis which was worked on with great tenderness. Until I could feel myself nearing a climax when suddenly a mouth appeared over its head and a tongue swirled around. This was it. I could hold back no more.

And I came with spurt after spurt into that warm mouth. I tried to remove the towel but two pairs of hands restrained me for a moment. Two????

Eventually, they released me and there were Noor and Jay standing each side of my head smiling. But who had carried out the last act, they just would not tell me.

Noor spoke first and said, “meet my sister Jay. I think if I live until I am one hundred I will never forget how erotic that moment was.

I went off and had a shower while the two girls laughed and chatted.

Before we went I saw Jay give Noor some keys, but I was still distracted and thought little of it.

I was feeling hungry so i suggested we go for a meal. Noor said she knew somewhere and we went to a place called Meng Kee Grill Restaurant, in Jalan Alor. Most of the tables were outside, but it was a warm evening, so it was really nice eating amid all the hustle and bustle of Jalan Alor.  Crowds and the noise seemed to make us invisible.  I really wanted to be alone with this girl who had proved to be so unlike what I had expected.

Of course, I desperately wanted to know what had happened at the massage parlor. But Noor wanted to continue her game., and the mystery.

It was only then that I realized that I had not paid for the massage.

I told Noor we must go back and pay them.  But Noor laughed and said there was no need. The restaurant was great. It was Chinese cuisine but specializing in grilled fish. Noor recommended that we have the Chicken Fish which was yet another experience I will always remember. We sat next to each other at the table. Instead of facing each other as is customary.  Noor occasionally let her hand slip and squeezed my knee. Which kept me aroused during the whole meal.

During the meal the owner came out and had a chat with Noor. They laughed like old friends and as he left he told us the meal was on the house. I asked Noor who he was and she said he was the neighbor of her parents.

malaysian sex in kuala lumpur
Pexels Royalty Free Photo by Umar Mukhtar

After the meal, we decided to walk for a while.

I enjoyed the ambiance of the city, and above the rooftops. Could see the amazing Petronas Towers shimmering white in the night sky. These towers are over 452 meters high and once the tallest building in the world. They were just so beautiful.

I had lost track of where we were walking, just soaking up the pleasure of being with Noor. Knowing that this would be our one and only night, as I was leaving in the morning. We started moving out of the busy shopping area and into a network of smaller streets. Then Noor pulled me into what appeared to be a small alley, striding ahead down this darkness. But then she stopped an unlocked a door using the keys that Jay had given her.

Light-filled the alley and we walked into a small room that had a table, a bed, and a little kitchen area in the corner. There as a smaller door at the rear of the room which I guessed would lead to the bathroom.

A Passionate Kiss

As soon as we had closed the street door, Noor threw her arms around me and pulled my face to hers for a passionate kiss. She eventually pulled away from the kiss and started to undress me. Removing my tee-shirt first, and then my pants. And eventually my shorts as she kneeled on the floor in front of me. Once the shorts were removed my penis sprung forward. She enveloped it with her mouth.

Her tongue swirled around the head as she cupped my balls.

After a short time, she stood up and pushed me onto the bed.  Slowly and tantalizingly stripped her clothes. I saw her beautiful hair for the first time and I saw her wonderful body, firm, and athletic. She climbed onto the bed and we had the most amazing sex, long into the night. By the end of the night, I knew every inch of her body intimately.

She was an amazing lover and she gave everything to me. Knew I had to leave tomorrow but maybe that is what made it so exciting. Eventually, our bodies were satiated and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

A deep sleep where my mind replayed the pleasures of the day. Totally satisfied and feeling fully alive.

If this was Malaysian Sex then I loved it.

In the morning light filtered into the room and my brain fought for every moment of sleep before it accepted that it had to wake. As I opened my eyes I saw that Noor had gone, as if she had been a mere dream.

Sitting on the edge of her bed looking down at my naked body was Jay who gave me a beautiful smile, so reminiscent of Noor. She stood and without a word started to undress without breaking eye contact with me once.

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