Lorong Haji Taib

Lorong Haji Taib

Lorong Haji Taib is an area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is well known for its many brothels, strip clubs, street walkers, massage parlours, and other sex businesses. As a result, it is a popular red-light district in Kuala Lumpur. Making it a must-see if you are in Malaysia for leisure and pleasure.

If you ever find yourself in Lorong Haji Taib, I will be mentioning tips and tricks to make your stay memorable and pleasure-filled. This article will give hints about the brothels, massage parlours, and street walkers in Lorong Haji Taib, a guide to red light districts Malaysia.

Lorong Haji Taib comes alive when the sun goes down

With women of easy virtue littering the city enough to make you turn your head more than twice. There are different erotic services to be had, which should meet your fantasies. Lorong Haji Taib might not be the fabled Sodom and Gomorrah. But it is nonetheless the hub for escorts and prostitution in Kuala Lumpur, but at cheap prices.

This area is filled with brothels and third-class or low-class girls. They are mostly migrant workers from India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, and other African countries. There are also local Malay street walkers to be found. If you don’t already know, third-class girls are sex workers whose services are cheap compared to other high-earning sex workers or escorts.  If you have less money to spend. But still desire bodily pleasure, then Lorong Haji Tab is your destination.

Street Walkers

Lorong Haji Taib street walkers often earn just enough to cater for basic living necessities. Difference between their earnings and those of other high-class or first-class sex workers in Kuala Lumpur is huge.

For instance, a high-class prostitute in Kuala Lumpur can earn an average of RM2,000 per night, which is about $430.  Not bad for a day’s job, right?  These high-class sex workers also increase their daily earnings by working at an exclusive karaoke lounge to solicit clients. Which they get paid a salary and tips for.

This all sounds like a dream to most street walkers in Lorong Haji Taib, who barely get by with their daily earnings. They can earn about RM50 for a night, which is about $50.  Can have good nights when they are able to earn a little bit more than this. While this doesn’t sound too good for the street walkers. It is great news for people who desire the pleasure and can’t pay for high-class sex workers.  Cheap price of sexual activities has made people from different walks of life troop down there.

Lorong Haji Taib is frequented by the locals.

As a tourist visiting the area, you will need the services of a guide who knows the place properly.  Relatively cheap price of sex services in the area means there are people from different walks of life to be found there.  You can be mugged in dark alleyways or have your property stolen. As a result, one has to be careful when visiting Lorong Haji Taib for pleasure.  To be on the safe side, you can park your car in the open parking space. Don’t go too far or be lured in by the people around you.  Take proper care of your belongings by leaving them at home or locked up in your car.

Street walkers in Lorong Haji Taib

Can be found loitering in bars, waiting by the stairs, and in front of wholesale stores.  You can also find them standing by the shophouse walkways.  Stores, which offer different services during the day, have their metal shutters drawn for the night. Showing the other side of the area, the red-light district. Upper levels of the shophouses are illuminated with fluorescent lights, attracting pleasure speakers. Street walkers know all the nearby short-time hotels and brothels which they use when their services are needed.

Inside these hotels and guesthouses, you can have as much orgasm as you want. provided that you can pay for it.

Lorong Haji Taib
Red Light District

Sex Workers

Also the sex workers are also known as massagers in Lorong Haji Taib.  They also work in massage parlours as masseuses, giving sensual massages.

Sex isn’t only the pleasurable service to be had in Lorong Haji Taib. But also erotic massages in massage parlours.  Services aren’t mutually exclusive, meaning you can have both if you desire. A street walker offering you the massage can also be the one to offer you a more intimate sexual service. Or you can choose another street walker.  This all depends on which way you want it, inasmuch as you have the money.

Some Street Walkers Might be Shemale

Other caveat of Lorong Haji Taib is that some of the supposed street walkers are male or gay men dressed as ladies.  After you must have picked a sex worker, you are asked to pay upfront before sex, which is non-refundable.  This is a rule, so there is no way to get around it.  If you are straight and the selected street walker is a lady, as claimed, then you wouldn’t have lost money. But, if the sex worker turns out to be a male and you aren’t gay, you have two choices.

Go ahead with the sex or forfeit your money. This might seem like a tough choice to make, considering the money you are about to lose.  Buf if you are perfectly straight, it won’t take long to mull it over, as you will gladly forfeit the money.  Although that doesn’t mean you won’t leave angry.

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Cheap Sex

Lorong Haji Taib is a red-light district in Kuala Lumpur, where cheap sex can be found. Street walkers can be found at night standing along stairs, storehouses, and bars. They are also versatile, as they can offer erotic massages. Which makes the area a house of pleasure for cheap prices. Pleasure seekers need to be wise when visiting the area, especially tourists without guides.

Belongings could be stolen from unwary customers, including other forms of scams. So, inasmuch as you are seeking pleasure, be cautious.

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