Malaysia Sex Story

When you are living a life with a specific pattern for many years, things become boring for you so I tried a Malaysia Sex Story. You always look for something new which can bring a spark in your life. When such things happen, you get utmost satisfaction.

Something very similar happened with me. I was living a mundane life with my parents till my higher school level. After that when I decided to go to a good university for my higher studies I selected UCSI University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I went to this beautiful capital of Malaysia for the first time.

It was such a big change in my life that I started to enjoy my studies as well as the atmosphere of the city.  As time passed, I was getting more focused on my studies in order to do well in my higher education and make a good career in future.

How My Malaysia Sex Story Started

With the passage of time the studies got tougher also. I was never a good student of Math’s but English was my favorite subject. Was getting good scores in almost all the other subjects except this freaking Math’s.  Some friends advised me to find a private tutor who could teach me Math’s in a good way. After searching for few days I found a female teacher named as “Anna” in about 20 minutes’ walk from my hostel.

Our First Meeting

She was married. But she didn’t have any kids and her husband was working in private company and he used to come back in evenings. My tuition timings were in the later afternoon. When I first went and met her I was feeling shy and didn’t even look at her closely.

Malaysia sex story
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She Made Her First Impression

She discussed tuition timings; fee structure and course work with me. When I went to attend my first lecture next day she opened the door.  I looked at her first time and damn, she was so hot. Looked at her face and tried to look down towards her body but I wasn’t able to do it as she called me inside. I also have good looks. In those days I used to have long hair and good muscles too.

While doing the Math’s questions I noticed that she was looking at me in a weird way. I ignored it as I thought I was thinking too much about her. Things went on like this.  After almost 8 days I was busy with my friends.  I called her but ended up telling her that I can’t come to attend class that day. She said okay come in morning tomorrow for extra class.

That First Nude Look

Next day, when I went to take class she was wearing long jacket which was different from her normal dressing. She said lets have some cold drink together and we will study later.  I was sitting in guest room when she called me “Please come in my bedroom I fell down”.

I ran to her bed room and the next thing I saw was out of this world.  She removed her jacket and she was wearing beautiful red Pantie with a sexy black bra. Her boobs were so big that I could not control myself. I ran towards her as she signaled me to come and kiss her.

Those Big Boobs Made me Crazy

She said I was planning for this for many days and after that all we did were, kisses. I kissed her lips and tongue and started to kiss her neck. She shouted in joy when I bit her on her neck. I removed her bra and took her big boobs in my mouth.

Oh, what a taosexperience that was. I can still feel it while writing this at the moment. The smell of her boobs was so amazing that my cock was fully tight and Horny.

My Cock Was in Her Hand

She started to give shakes to my cock before giving blowjobs. After kissing each other I just licked her pussy. Her pussy had no hair and it was so dark that I loved it. I started to lick it when she shouted FUCK ME, FUCK ME REALLY HARD.

This was the first time I was doing this and my pre cum was all over my cock as I inserted my dick in her pussy.  That was the best feeling I had until that point in my adult life.  My penis was like in the heat of fire as her pussy was so hot and tight. I started moving my dick inside out as she started screaming.  Kept jerking her pussy and banging it really hard. After that she wanted me to do anal. 

 I fucked her from back and it was pleasure fucking her ass too.

After that she sat on me and inserted my dick in her pussy. And asked me to fuck her hard and after 10 minutes in this position she orasmed and I did the same few seconds later. We just loved that time and she said, “I have never experienced such energy while doing sex with my husband, you are special”.

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Malaysia Sex Story

After that this became our routine and we started fucking each other 2 days in a week. We experimented different sex positions and sex toys and enjoyed in every manner we could in those 4 months.  She confessed to me that she used to an escort as one of the singapore girls in kuala lumpur and missed having sex on a regular basis. We spent few nights together also when her husband was on business trips with the company and those were amazing.  Had sex in almost every corner of her house.

We couldn’t get enough of each other even having sex on regular basis.

My studies and scores of my university messed up after doing all this. Then after almost 5 months her husband took her to Australia with him. This gave me a chance to get my focus on the studies.I improved my grades and now I am in the final year.

One thing is for sure I still miss those days and the smell of her body and those kisses. I want those nights back but I know I can’t have them again with her.

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