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I opened my eyes, the movement of the plane as it landed in Kuala Lumpur managed to wake me up ready for the Malaysian pleasure trip. I work in an international company and this was the fourth time I had to come here for business this year. Really love Malaysia and couldn’t wait for a Malaysian pleasure trip instead of business.  Beauty of its landscapes and the diversity of its people. But especially its beaches and the exciting views it offers. 

The Malaysian Pleasure Trip

Last time I had the opportunity to visit the Perhentian Islands, one of the most famous and popular ones. Just remembering it, I get excited and can’t help it but bite my lip. There I had a whole sexual experience with one of the escorts from Australia.. They can be searched on the internet and contacted to try and be more discreet but I like it better when it comes without waiting. 

Regardless, I got off the plane, still with the image of that beautiful woman in my mind. I was looking forward to arriving at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur hotel to drop off my bags and satisfy that desire that my memory had started.

I met some friends I made during the last trip here and who were going to show me the area better. So I got dressed and went to meet them eagerly. We were going to eat in one of the best places in town. When I arrived I couldn’t help but notice one of the girls who was accompanying my friends. She was a brunette, and her eyes and figure left me speechless.

Her dress fit her body very well and her smile hypnotized me. I sat next to her so I could breathe in her scent. She seemed a bit shy as she hardly spoke at all but that made me like her more. I took advantage of any excuse to get closer to her. I could only think about her for practically the entire meal. So I decided to make a move under the table. My hand slid down to touch her knee. First a brief touch, as if to test her reaction. When I saw that she did not move away, I tried again, this time placing my hand completely in her lap, making my intentions clear while smiling. 


She took a small, almost imperceptible leap, she did not expect my movement, but continued to stand aside. Satisfied, I decided to raise my hand up her thigh to the edge of her skirt as I continued to eat my plate of dim sum. It was then that I heard her sigh. Is it possible that she was as eager as I was?

The other friends who were with us didn’t seem to realize what was going on, but even if they were they wouldn’t want to make a big deal out of it either. So I held back and hid my notorious excitement in my pants.

When we finished the meal I said goodbye politely and took the opportunity to ask my new friend if she wanted to accompany me to another place. We hardly knew each other but the attraction was evident. She was so beautiful…

After a second of hesitation she took my hand and told me she was going to show me the most beautiful places in the city. We went up to the Petronas towers, to the catwalk where we took some very nice pictures. Time was flying by her side. 

Petronas towers and the malaysian pleasure trip
Pexels Royalty Free Photo by Ben cheung


Night came and caught us when we discover Malaysia’s Jalan Alor district. There were many people and noise there, but I could only look at her.  Not even the beautiful Malay girls or Desi call girls accompanying other men could make me take my eye off her.  I took advantage of the crowd to take her by surprise and reduce the space between us.  After that afternoon together and some camel beer, I still wanted her. 

So when I saw that she was going to bump into another tourist I grabbed her by the hand and guided her towards me. Our faces were inches apart, as her little breasts were crushed against me. I took advantage and kissed her quickly. Before separating, I approached her ear to ask her in a whisper if she would accompany me to a more intimate place. Our hands intertwined and we went in search of a room to spend the night. 

Desire was growing inside me

I was willing to pay anything for one room at the time. The guy from the hotel accompanied us to open the door even though I didn’t have any strange bags. Immediately I gave him a tip so that I could close the door and put an end to this uncontrollable desire.

I began to kiss her neck. Savoring every inch of her skin as I unbuttoned her dress. I massaged her breasts while she was trying to unbutton my pants. She quickly knelt down and grabbed my erection firmly to put it in her mouth. Besides being beautiful, the women of this country are extremely accommodating.

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Soon I picked her up and we went straight to bed. I slipped her panties up to her ankles and then I put my hands up to her crotch. I inserted a finger, tempting her. She sighed again, this time with a little moan. It was delicious, so I opened her legs a bit to get some space and get into position. When I went inside her, her eyes closed, she felt so good that the orgasm soon came.

Her erect nipples showed her excitement.

I continued to increase the pace and intensity as I groped her entire body. Until finally the ecstasy came and I filled the inside of the condom.  I was exhausted, and she was sweating and panting. I couldn’t have finished my trip to this wonderful city better.

We exchanged numbers. I am definitely going to see her again and try out new positions and fantasies.

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