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My Kuala Lumpur Hook Up. You know the feeling, that you are in a place so incredibly hot that your clothes start to stick to you. Sweat is dripping off of you but every time you decide to take off a layer, someone pinches your butt?  I had never been in this sort of situation before. But I found myself there because my friend had brought me along on his first-ever trip to Malaysia.

It was the plan to meet this beautiful lady using the KL escort directory. I booked an Airbnb as she had agreed for date and a closeup meeting. Did not want her to see my hotel in case she thought that I am a male ‘lady’. Asking her about the time and she was like ‘No, no, no. Come out and have fun with me.’

I was so shocked because it never happens to me that a lady actually wants to go around and have fun. So, I just said yes because I could not believe what she had just offered.

Then she told me the plan. We go out, but first you need to pay the bill at your hotel! That’s how confident she looked like. She knew this is wasn’t a scam! And how right was she?  She did not even tell me her name until after our first date.

I Was Really Excited!!!

Was still really excited about the whole day and I spend the rest of the day packing, thinking about what to wear and so on. When I finished, it was already really late for me. But when time is limited, you have to make choices!

My red shirt was on and some blue jeans. But also a black jacket because it was pretty cold in Malaysia at night so I wanted to wear it over my shirt. After a while, I just grabbed my stuff and walked towards her place. To be honest, I was a little bit afraid.  I mean, this is a woman that I had never met before. She wanted me to come over to her house. In fact, there are so many guys out there who would have wanted this situation. I am really thankful that she dropped her guard towards me and trusted in me.

There were some moments of awkward silence between us. But before we knew it, the laughter began again.  She was funny; actually really funny!  Yes, it does sound a little bit silly but our first date was just like that. Full of laughter!

First Date with My Kuala Lumpur Hook Up

We then went to a restaurant she suggested and it was really nice! I really like the place because it had dim lighting, music and a beautiful view of Kuala Lumpur. We talked until 1 am. There was still a whole lot of things we wanted to discuss but we had to leave to go home.

I paid the bill at my hotel and I came back with her to my hotel. She wore a red blouse that you could see a black bra. I held her close my chest and touched her ass as I kissed her. She did not resist at all. I kissed her right on her lips as I held her by her waist. She then took me to the room and we talked like two teenagers until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

She had a body that was so soft, so perfect that she looked gorgeous even when she was sleeping. It felt good waking up next to her the following morning. Wake up and stare at each other.

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It was the morning after our first date

And we had only slept together. I woke up in the morning as we held each other to our arms. She was sleeping but she opened her eyes.  I whispered in her ear how sexy I though she was and she just smiled.  Gently I put my tongue in her ear and grabbed her feminine but firm butt.  Just by the way her body moved towards mine I could feel how much she was enjoying this.

Slowly my hand moved down her stomach and under her panties and slowly my fingers circles her pussy.

She moaned as I slipped one and then two fingers inside her wet pussy

Her hand went down to crotch area as she grabbed my hard cock.  She pushed me over so I lay on my back and unzipped my fly and my hard cock popped out.  Looked down and smiled and then slowly took the whole thing in her mouth.  Feeling was exquisite and this time I moaned.  She slipped off her panties and turned around so that we were in the 69 position.

From that position I admired her pink wet pussy and hairless ass.  It was the perfect sight to wake up in the morning. My tongue first darted around her pussy and then inside it. And my mouth savoured the sweed taste of her cunt juice.

Now this was one of the erotic stories I would remember.

Her Mouth Engulfed My Cock

She drove me crazy with the pleasure I was receiving from her mouth engulfing my cock and loosing control I began to cum.  She eagerly drank my jism as I convulsed in ectasy. Her laying beside me as I slowly came back to normal.

Now I wanted to ask her what her name was but I was too shy. Especially after what we just did.  Instead I asked her if she had cooked anything the day before. She said no and we both laughed. When she finally got up, it was already late morning. We were two people who were very much in love with each other. Planning to go out again, but she said that she had to go back to work.

I went out to have some breakfast and when I came back, she had prepared some noodles for me.  She told me to be really comfortable so I had a nap on her bed. Told me about the past six months of her life and how she was just coming back from Melbourne, Australia and was working in an IT company there.

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After eating my meal, I went out for a walk as I always do before lunch.

It was a good feeling to see the city on my own and to see how it had changed over the last two months. I guess there are just some things in life that you find hard to understand. It was not as busy as I thought. There were actually a lot of people out on the street in KL. I guess there are lots of people who also work from home. So it can be pretty busy during the day or in the evening, but not at this time. I thought it was so nice to be there and just walk around. Really liked that city, even though I had not seen much. I guess it made me feel calm, happy. And at the same time a little bit nostalgic.

I sat down on a bench and went through my phone.

There was no one who had messaged me. No one with whom I could talk to. There was no one who wanted to hold my hand and look at me in the eye. Yes, it is therefore very easy to get lonely when you do not have someone by your side but don’t worry because that’s normal.

Before I left her, she said that I would hear from her again. And that she is interested in having more nights like these.

We will meet again when I am back in Malaysia so stay tuned for more…

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