Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender (LGBT) Persons In Malaysia Face Legal Challenges Not Experienced By Non-LGBT Residents.

Discrimination Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender (LGBT) People Is Pervasive In Malaysia.


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The 62 years of one party rule in Malaysia did not do much to change the social fabric in the country especially with regard to the issues of Malaysia Gay the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. Though Malaysia projects a secular image it is predominantly Muslim, hence even if the laws of the land would protect discrimination against LGBTs the society at large are still divided on the issue. Homosexuality is not something that is pertinent to modern society but has been prevalent down from history.

There have been prominent individuals who have been accepted for what they contributed to the world but their sexuality has been kept under wraps. This is because perennially LGBTs have been looked down upon. This was more to do with religious prejudices rather than with societal presumptions. Every religion has looked down upon homosexuality which has immensely contributed to what happened in the past and to the prevailing prejudices.


Between Islam and Christianity the latter being more conservative if a comparison is made, the Christian church especially the Roman Catholics are still to acknowledge homosexuality as a normal phenomenon. The former is vehemently opposed to homosexuality though every Muslim country beginning from the most populous Indonesia, across Pakistan, to Saudi Arabia, homosexuality is prevalent. The LGBT communities in these countries would need to be very discreet unlike the more liberal minded societies of the West.

It is in this context that the change in government in Malaysia after more than six decades becomes very relevant to the issues concerning the LGBT community in this country.

Many countries in the West and even Australia have gone the distance and legalized same sex marriages which are still a bone of contention in many countries. Malaysia has a long way to go on this issue and is still to awake to the realities of LGBTs. The LGBT community in Malaysia was recently given a boost when an activist was selected by a prominent Minister of the new government as an advisor. It created ripples in the political, social, religious and all other sections of the society.

A big hue and cry erupted on the issue with the LGBT community watching closely the outcome of this bold step by the concerned minister and the probably outcome of the whole episode. The government would need to cement its bona fides on the homosexuality issue as they were propelled into power claiming to resurrect Malaysia and bring it from the darkness it had been engulfed into the bright lights of the 21st century. Malaysia has developed economically but whether it could say the same thing about its society at large is anybody’s guess. The society has still to shed its draconian thoughts especially where the LGBT community is concerned. The young minister’s foray into this very contentious issue with a very bold step forward should pave the way for more government recognition for the LGBT community.


It is imperative that for the tail to wag the head should decide. In the case of LGBTs in Malaysia it becomes the onus of the government to take the initiative. Move the inherent discriminations away and build a new society for all to live, work and enjoy what the country has to offer. None in the society should be discriminated based on gender, religious beliefs, political alignments, or even on sexuality. It is only when all Malaysians are treated equally could the country move forward as one entity and be recognized within the world community as an equal partner.

The new Malaysian government has received the mandate to change many things in the country but whether they have the backbone and the will to it is what the people are eagerly waiting for. If this government is also going to tread the same path that the country has been on for the last six decades the aspirations of all Malaysians could stumped. There is immense hope within the country that the new government would change many things. Apart from some of the salient aspects like the economy, education, transport and many other issues where improvements are required, these pail into contention compared to more pressing issues in the society.

Every community within the larger Malaysian population has their aspirations and would want to have a piece of the cake. Standing out and silently watching is the LGBTs of Malaysia who have had their share of societal discriminations. Unless the new government tackles this issue head on like what one minister has done, the LGBTs in Malaysia would be a forgotten lot. This is the time that the LGBT community too could take their own initiatives and see that justice prevails for them as they have been looked down upon with no silver lining on the horizon.

If religion is biased against LGBTs it should be remembered that if God created all beings He created LGBTs too. Hence discriminating against this segment of society is going against the creator Himself.If the new Malaysian government thinks it necessary to promulgate new laws to provide and protect the LGBT community then they would need to do so. If the constitution needs to be amended so be it. The responsibility is on the government and they should not be dilly dallying on the subject and try to shove it under the carpet. It has been under the carpet for many years and now would be the time to pulling from under and ensure justice and fair play prevails for all.

There has been a silver lining to the issue with some prominent individuals coming out n support of the new government’s approach to the subject of LGBTs. The appointment of the LGBT activist could be a feeler from the government to test the waters before they would bell the cat. How this first foray would eventually iron out would be closely monitored by all and its success or failure would set the pace for the future of LGBTs in Malaysia. 


There have been reports of violence and harassment against LGBTQ individuals, and many choose to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity to avoid persecution. Despite these challenges, there are some LGBTQ activists and organizations working to promote acceptance and equal rights for the community in Malaysia. However, it is important to note that LGBTQ issues continue to be a sensitive and controversial topic in Malaysian society.

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