Malaysia Federal Constitutional Monarchy Consists Of 13 States And Three Federal Territories, Separated By The South China Sea

Malaysia Is A Bubbling, Bustling Melting-pot Of Races And Religions Where Malays, Indians, Chinese And Many Others.


Here are some of the interesting facts about Malaysia that you should need to know before visiting this place and make sure to explore all of those things and places if you really want to make your trip worthwhile.

1. An Island Shared by 3 countries


Borneo Island


You might have visited lots of places all around the world and explore different things over there but you may barely have experienced the thing that you visit any particular city of any country and explored 3 different countries at the same time. This thing is quite fascinating and incredible to listen but also quite weird and impossible to consider because how come any place can offer you the visit of 3 different countries?

Well, this thing happens in Malaysia. There is an Island in Malaysia named Borneo that shares the borders of 3 different countries. One is Malaysia, second is Indonesia and the third one is Brunei. It is the third-largest Island considered on the earth. In this case, you can get into the boundaries of rest of the two countries but cannot surpass the Island because in that case, you will be in charge of entering into a country without a visa and passport, which is quite a serious allegation considered in most countries.

2. Southernmost Tip of Asia


Tanjung Piai


In Malaysia, there is a point named Tanjung Piai which is situated at the Johor. This place is the southernmost point of Asia. It is the ending of southern Asia site which means by arriving at this place, you will be at the southernmost corner of Continent Asia, which is quite amazing to think and experience.


3. Largest Cave Chamber


Largest Cave Chamber


This world is full of mysteries and amazing stuff but not all of them are discovered yet. Even most of them are not known until now. While, in Malaysia, there is cave chamber in a national park of Sarawak, which is a well-known city in Malaysia. It is one of the largest cave chambers on the earth. It is large enough that it is not discovered completely and a vast portion of it is still hidden.

4. Oldest English School


Oldest English School

Malaysia is a very old and ancient country in Southern Asia. There are lots of other cities and countries in Southern Asia but the historical importance Malaysia possesses is not achieved by any other country or city near Malaysia. According to this fact, there is an English medium school in George Town, Malaysia that is old enough that it perfectly speaks up its history through its architecture and design.

It is the very first English-medium school in Southern Asia and started to teach students about English language. This school was constructed in quite old times during the government of Tan Sri P. Ramlee, which was the prime minister of Malaysia at those times.

5. Southeast Asia’s Longest Bridge


Southeast Asia’s Longest Bridge

Bridges are quite important to travel from one place to another over waters or something else. They are being constructed by the engineers by determining the need of that bridge in present times or future. In this case, uncountable bridges are constructed in different cities in different countries all around the world.

So, in this case, what if you get to know that the bridge on which you are currently walking or driving the car is the longest bridge all around the world or any particular area.

Well, you can feel exactly the same in Mainland Malaysia by traveling to the Penang island with Batu Maung. The whole distance is almost 15 miles and all you have to cover on a bridge. In this case, this bridge is the longest bridge in the whole Southeast Asia.

6. Last Surviving Rubber Tree


Last Surviving Rubber Tree

There could be tons of mysterious and amazing thing to experience or explore including some kind of tree. There could be some historical incidents with some normal looking things but because of those incidents, those things or items become quite attractive and historical for the lifetime. The same thing happens with a tree planted in the district of Kuala Kangsar.

It is declared the first rubber tree within the nine batches trees were planted in 1877 at that place. It is the last surviving rubber tree among all because the rest of others were rotten or broken down in any case. So, you can consider this tree one of the amazing things to see in Malaysia because of its history and ancientness.

7. Not More than 35


Not More than 35

In every nation, there are some senior titles offered by the government to some people on their efforts and good doings. Similarly, Tun is the most senior title considered and according to some of the statistics, it is stated that there could be only 35 local Malaysian recipients of this title at any one time.

8. Petronas Tower


 Petronas Tower

Petronas tower is another one of the amazing creations in Malaysia. In most of the countries or cities that are unique in the world and does not possess any such thing in any other city or country around the globe like the Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower. All of these things are unique and there is no other thing even close to them.

Well, not quite similar to this sense, but Malaysia has a twin tower that is well-known all around the world. There is no other building in the world that can be compared with these twin towers. That twin tower is Petronas tower. It is the tallest buildings in the whole world till 2004 and still the world’s largest twin towers that are connected by a sky bridge at 41st and 42nd floors.

9. Largest Undivided Leaf


Largest Undivided Leaf

Along with all these amazements and adventurous, Malaysia also offers incredible wildlife that amuses lots of people and attracts them to experience the wildlife of this country. You will see tons of incredible creations and unique items in the forests of Malaysia. One of the most common and popular things that you will find in the forests of Malaysia is a kind of leaf that is considered the largest leaf on the planet.

You will not find this huge and large lead anywhere else except Malaysia. It is quite large that you can easily cover your head with this leaf if it starts raining. Additionally, you cannot divide it into pieces just like the other ordinary leaves. This leaf does not offer any space or point from which you can divide it into two pieces as you usually do with the other leaves. So, this is one of the amazements of Malaysia.

10. Home of Cobras


 Home of Cobras

There are lots of places where you will find snakes because they are also the creations as other insects or animals are. You can find them anywhere near your place. But, Malaysia is one of the countries around the globe where you will find a great number of snakes, especially cobras. World’s largest population of Cobras are found in Malaysia.

You can easily find them in residential areas and hugely in forests. They are quite high in numbers that Malaysian people are used to their existence. Despite all these facts, there are not much death reports received in past years because of any kind of cobra attack in Malaysia.

11. Nine Royal Families


Nine Royal Families

Different people with different statuses reside in every county or city. You cannot state any particular class to reside in any state. There could be richest and poorest population in any state. Similarly, there are almost 9 Royal families living in Malaysia. These Royal families belonged to the old times' Malaysian kingdom when these royal families’ ancestors used to rule on Malaysia and the Malaysian people.

After turning Malaysia into a democratic country, these Royal families decided to live in the city where they belong instead of settling to any other place. They decided to be a part of Malaysian population and live like a normal civilization. That’s why all nine of these families are still living in Malaysia.

12. Buildings without 4th Floor


Buildings without 4th Floor

As you know that every building has floors are numbered in the same order as counting works, but in Malaysia, there are some different kinds of numbering is used to call floors of any building. In Malaysia, you will not find the 4th floor in any of the building. They use “3A” instead of number “4” to represent the 4th floor.

They replaced the number “4” with “3A” because of a reason. In the Chinese language, the sound of four is quite similar to the sound of “death”. Because of this reason, they have replaced the number “4” to “3A” so that they never listen to the sound of death.

13. World’s Tallest Trees


 World’s Tallest Trees


An interesting fact related to some kind of tree is already described-above about Malaysia, but that is not the end. There is another interesting fact linked to the trees in Malaysia. In Tualang, which is one of the cities of Malaysia, there is a natural tree that is the tallest tree in the whole world. Its length is 80 meters and there is no any kind of tree at any other spot of the world where a tree was found at this height or more than this.

14. World-Famous shoe Designer


World-Famous shoe Designer


Almost every person around the world wears some kind of footwear on different occasions. Those footwears could be sandals, shoes or pumps. All of these footwears are designed by any of the company and also manufactured by them, but there is a name in shoe industry that is quite popular and has been doing this business for almost the last 70 years. That name is Jimmy Choo. He is the founder of Jimmy Choo Ltd. Company and offers incredible and most durable shoe variety into the market.

Most of the people know that Jimmy Choo is Britain, but in fact, he is a Malaysian and he was born in 1948 in a city of Malaysia named Penang.

15. The Largest Flower


 The Largest Flower

Another one of the amazing and interesting things that you may experience in Malaysia is the largest flower in the world. As it is above-described that there could be several creatures and plants in any country’s wildlife but there are some certain specialties in every country that make it unique from the other.

In Kinabalu Park in Sabah, you will find the largest flower in the world. The size of flowers in Malaysia is quite huge that you may barely find such big and large-sized flower anywhere else in the world. This flower can also blossom and offer you fragrance. Along with these things, you will find its size up to 3 feet wide and 11 kilogram in weight, which is quite huge in the world.

16. Flor de la Mar


Flor de la Mar

Along with all the interest of wildlife and architecture of Malaysia, there is also a great source of treasure available in the seas of Malaysia. According to some sources, there are some sunken treasure troves under the seabed in Malaysia’s Strait of Malacca. From that place, the Portuguese ship was crossing and by an accident, it sank into the water.

According to the historians, that ship was one of the richest ships of those times that lost in the waters. They assumed that it might contain almost 200 coffers of Gold, precious diamonds and stones that may worth millions of dollars.

17. The Perak Man


 The Perak Man


According to historians, Malaysia is one of the oldest and historical countries all around the world. There are lots of historical places in this country. The ancientness of this country can be determined by the Perak man who is almost 11,000 years old and it is the complete human skeleton found in Malaysia of those times.

This thing perfectly elaborates that how old Malaysia has civilization. People used to live in Malaysia, thousands of years ago when there was no life considered. In this way, you can find much more historical and amazing in that country.

18. Best Quality Crude


 Best Quality Crude

There are lots of sources of income for Malaysia. This country earns a lot from tourism, food, agriculture, etc. Along with all these aspects, Malaysian economy also runs on crude oil. This country produces the best quality crude oil. It is highly expensive to afford and used for huge projects.

19. Longest Roundabout


 Longest Roundabout

Every city has its infrastructure. That infrastructure includes its roads and buildings. With the help of these two things, you can determine the infrastructure of any city is complicated or simple to understand. Within this structure, some particular formats are also included along with the simple roads.

Those are roundabouts. These roundabouts are used to perfectly manage the traffic, reduction of rush and offering an alternative way to pass on without removing the thing that comes in between the traffic or road.
While a Malaysian city named Putrajaya is the only place in the whole world that has the longest roundabout in the world. Its diameter is almost 2.2 mile and it is pretty large that you may take 2 to 4 minutes to complete the whole round.

20. Malaysian Flag was Designed by an Architect


  Malaysian Flag


A national flag has very importance for the people of any country because it represents them in the whole world. The civilians of any country protect the flag a lot and never let it down in their life. Additionally, they think a lot about designing their flags for the first time because it should portrait the idealism of their culture, religion, and nation, and also it will remain static for forever.

While this thing does not really happen with the Malaysian flag. There were no legends in designing the flag. If you search in the history of Malaysian flag, you will get to know that there was a 29 years old architect named Mohammad Hamzah that had won a contest with this design in 1963.

That contest was based on designing a new flag for the Malayan union very after the Federation of Malaya. He won the contest and along with the rewards, his design was considered as the national flag of Malaysia.

21. The “Negaraku” was actually the State Anthem of Perak


 The “Negaraku” was actually the State Anthem of Perak

Similar to the national flags, nations are also quite conscious and touchy about their national anthems. They respect their national anthems and feel the words delivered in it because those words perfectly portrait the ideology of that country. This is the reason that the national anthem is also written and composed with high care and love, but similar to the national flag, the national anthem of Malaysia is also an incident.

There was organized a competition by the Ministers of Home Affairs of Malaysia in which he told every person to participate. The competition was about to write and compose the tune of Malaysian national anthem. They received almost 512 entries in that competition and after analyzing all those entries, they decided to choose the Perak State anthem instead of writing any new one. In this way, they chose the basic wording of that state anthem and modified it by emphasizing the wordings into it.

22. Won War Against Communism


Won War Against Communism

War is quite a definite thing to happen but they don’t really happen without any purpose. There must be any purpose behind each war, regardless of which one is right and which one is wrong. In all situations, you have to fight for your nation and defend your country.

Similar to other countries, Malaysia also had to face a war in 1960 against communists that long-lasted for almost 12 years. During this whole time period, Malaysian people were quite patient and they fought with communism, and in the result, this country became the very first nation in the world that won the war against communism.

23. Malaysia’s Total Highways Length is Greater than the Circumference of Earth


Malaysia’s Total Highways Length is Greater than the Circumference of Earth

You might take it an assumption and consider it false but in actual, it is true. Actually, the total length of highways in Malaysia is quite larger than the circumference of the earth. The total circumference of earth is almost 40,075km while the total calculated length of Malaysian highways is 65,877km, which is way greater than the circumference of the earth.

 This thing happens because the infrastructure of different cities in Malaysia is quite huge that you can have to drive a lot to travel from one place to another. If the actual distance of a place from your location is few miles, then it will turn into number of miles if you travel through highways. This is the reason that people have to pay a lot more tolls while traveling.

24. The Local Time of Peninsular Malaysia has been Adjusted eight times


 The Local Time of Peninsular Malaysia has been Adjusted eight times

This is quite bizarre to consider but it is true. According to the historians, it is stated that the local time of Peninsular Malaysia was adjusted almost eight times in history. Firstly, it was adjusted in 1932 when the clocks were advanced by 20 minutes. In 1941, it was speeded up to 10 minutes.

Then in 1942, it was again advanced by two hours to follow Tokyo’s time. Then in 1945, it was dragged back to the time of 1941 and at last, Tun Dr. Mahathir has adjusted the time for the last time in 1982 by increasing the time to 30 minutes to meet up with the time of Sarawak and Sabah.

All of these facts are authentic and collected from different reports and surveys. So, consider all of these facts and make sure to notice most of these things during your trip to Malaysia.

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