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Suthy - Malaysia

These escort eviews are instrumental in the decision-making process because it allows the client (me) to compare the services of the various agencies. A model with better looks, service, and discretion is regarded as a high-class escort, and a client is expected to part with a higher fee if they wish to be in the company of this kind of girl.

The models with better appearances offer extraordinary experiences to clients who pay for these services. Most of the clients who visit Malaysia are well off and do not mind spending their money on high-end models and if that is you will have more than a good time.

Roberto - Italy

You will be better off with an escort from an agency as they look more beautiful than ordinary street hookers in Malaysia. They are also very knowledgeable and can talk with their clientele on their levels and in different languages. The girls are up to date with current affairs and to know what is happening in the world. These women also know that they rub shoulders with directors and millionaires and some well known personalities, and they ensure that they are well presented, beautiful and discreet. They use correct manners all the time, and their clothing should represent their personalities well.

James - Australia

Independent escorts who have chosen to work without agencies can be found on escort sites. An agency takes a percentage of their money from the model as a booking fee.. It does not sit well with most working girls who do not like to split their hard-earned money. These escorts advertise themselves independently and attract clients on their own. A client can search for an independent companion because the services they offer are still as adequate as the hookers from agencies. The girls who receive bookings from agencies, however, might be cautious when offering services to their clients so that they can get good reviews on the agency website, which will help them secure a repeat booking.

So far my experiences with independent hookers has been good and they tend to do a little more than those from an agency who charge for every extra.

Tim - New Zealand

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