HookUp At Pisco

I used to travel to different cities and countries for my business meetings but nothing was exciting as my HookUp At Pisco Bar Kuala Lumpur. Each country has offered me different experiences but the most amazing experience I have got from Malaysia. I had spent almost a week in Kuala Lumpur and had lots of amazing experiences over there. The amazing thing that I have experienced in the capital of Malaysia is a kind of sexual thing. You might be wondering that how come the track goes to some kind of sexual from the business meetings?

Well, I will tell you the whole story.

I landed in Kuala Lumpur on Monday morning on 12th of August 2019. My room was booked in MOV hotel at Bukit Bintang red light district. I checked into the room, took a shower and went to the business meeting that was organized. After a 4 to 5 hours meeting, I was quite tired and wanted to refresh myself. So, I came back to the hotel and fell asleep.

HookUp At Pisco

After waking up, I dressed casually and went to the Pisco bar that is quite near to the hotel. I was having my drink at the counter during which a very hot and sexy young lady came to the bar ordered a drink for herself. She was too pretty that I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life. I asked to buy a drink for her and she didn’t refuse. From that point, we started to chat.

Her name was Jade and she used to live in the United Kingdom. She was here on a vacation. Saaid she loved travelling and wanted to explore almost every region of this world. We talked for almost an hour in the bar and it was very interesting and comfortable chat.

When I felt that she was completely at ease with me, I asked her to come with me to my hotel. My asking style was clearly saying that I wanted to spend a night with her. She thought for a while, I don’t know about what, but then she finally agreed.

hookup at pisco Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I loved Jade’s curves accentuating her bodies softness.

With the muscle of a footballer and the blessed fat of a baby, she was the most amazing woman I ever met… easy to talk to and heaps of fun to be around. There’s beauty in being a good listener, someone who seeks to make connections and joy and see things from new perspectives.

She had safe eyes. Perhaps that’s the best way to say it. She had a beauty that made those billboard-princesses look as paper thin as they are. Was something robust and real. She reminded me of my wild days in Taiwan where I used to have escorts almost daily. Age can’t touch that kind of beauty, it’s just there.

I took her to my hotel and offered her a drink.

I turned on the music system and played romantic songs getting the mood happening. The lights were already dim. We both sat down on the bed and start having our drinks. The drink was not much. It was just one or two nips that we both finished within seconds. During this whole time, we didn’t say a word but were looking each other in the eyes.

When the drinks were finished, we both placed the glasses at the side table in such a frenzied way not caring at all if glasses hit the ground. I moved towards her and tried to kiss her. I was just judging that she also wanted the same thing. Her closing eyes were telling me that she also wanted the same thing. I placed my lips on her lips and started biting them. She was enjoying this and her lips parted.

She Was A Good Kisser

Indeed she was good kisser. She proved herself by offering me amazing kisses and thrusting her tongue in my mouth full of pleasure. The whole kissing experience was amazing. We had kissed what seemed an eternity continuously. During this time, we both started to take off each other’s clothes. I took off her T-shirt and almost instantly pulled off her bra hook as her breasts were exposed.

Her breasts were luscious, juicy and erotic.

I started kissing her boobs, sucking her nipples one at a time giving them equal attention. Suddenly she stopped me and started opening the buttons of my shirt. She took off my shirt and start kissing my chest. That pleasure was purely amazing. Then I lay her down on the bed and took off her skirt along with her panties. She was totally nude in front of me and I was just staring at her thinking how fucking beautiful she is. I started to kiss each and every part of her body. We both were wanting each other so badly and I was reaching sexual peak at that time.

Then, she unclasped my belt, took off my pants and lay me down again on the bed by opening her legs in front of me, straddling me naked. That was the moment when I was going to add this event to the best experience of my life. I put my penis into her vagina and with every push, she increased her moaning.

touching her juicy breasts
Juicy Breasts

As much as I pushed harder and harder the more she started moaning.

I was feeling really incredible and feeling like the luckiest and happiest person on the earth. Her body warmth and her fragrance were driving me crazy. I kept thrusting harder and harder and by her yells and the profanities she was saying was enjoying this whole experience.

After a few seconds, I changed the sex position. I laid down on the bed behind her. I picked up her right leg and again penetrated her with my erect penis that went deep inside her. She took a breath as she and began to moan like she was between pleasure and pain. Whilst thrusting I began rubbing her clitoris which seemed to excite her even more. Her increased moaning was driving me crazy and only inspired me to fuck her harder. Streams of pleasure were continuously running inside and outside my body making it an electrifying sexual experience. I had never had such a wild fucking my entire life.

That was the best sex I had ever had.

After a few minutes, we both ended up climaxing together. Our bodies were trembling and we both were breathing hard. After this explosion we both remained naked and lay down on the bed in each other’s arms.  After a while we both started giggling like kids – basking in the after-sex glow. It had been really amazing and satisfying sex but I don’t know why but the magic in Emily’s voice and body had be aroused almost instantly making me desirous to have sex with her again.

We had sex two more times that night.

The second experience was quite amazing because we both started to realise what each other wanted after the first experience.   I stayed there for almost a week and we used to meet every day and have sex sessions..

The whole experience was quite amazing. That was the best business trip and week of my life.  Since then whenever I have a holiday I contact Emily to see where she is in the world and we meet up for another week of sexual bliss.

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