Erotic Romance

The Menara Kuala Lumpur towered in the in skyline outside the window. Thinking of a Malaysian Erotic Romance. Amina’s gaze flitted towards it for a split second, and then back to Daniel, who was staring at her with hungry eyes.

Malaysian Erotic Romance

Daniel took a step forward and, for a second, Amina regretted her words. Something had shifted in Daniel and Amina didn’t know how dangerous that look in his eyes really was. It wasn’t until he was almost on top of her, and Amina felt her back against the wall, that she realized he could really threaten her, if he wanted to. She swallowed.

Maybe coming here was a mistake. His apartment, with its stunning views of the cultural and economic center of Malaysia, was proof enough of his power and influence. She needed him on her side. She needed this business deal to go smoothly. But now that she was face to face with him, she was starting to worry about her decision.

“You’re an interesting woman.” He smirked and then his lips were on hers.  The kiss was so different from the kiss with Mikhail.

His lips were sure and forceful and Amina didn’t think he’d even break away for air.

Thoughts of Mikhail flashed in her mind, but it didn’t take long for Daniel’s hands to find the hem of her skirt and Amina felt herself melting. She never did this, never…and now she couldn’t help herself. His body felt hot and strong as it pressed against her and she found herself moaning into the kiss. She parted her lips and their tongues met, leaving Amina feeling hot tingled rush down her skin, a warmth spreading between her thighs and making her shiver.

He felt so good, so, so good and Amina couldn’t even think straight.

malaysian erotic romance
Touching of Tongues

Their Tongues Met

The feel of him thrummed through her body, shuddering and making Amina lose her head. She knew that she shouldn’t do this, that Mikhail might not approve and that their relationship was too new and precarious to be doing this. But on the other hand, they were not in any sort of formal relationship and she could only hope that he was the type of man who understood.

Because Amina didn’t think she had the strength to stop this. To end the searing passion and the smoky taste and the way that her mind was filling with desire and passion and pleasure. Leaving no room for anything else. It was impossible to think of anything but the feeling of his hands against her skin. Way he brushed her skin and pushed up her skirt, the way her panties were slid off her skin and into the floor in less than a minute.

She stepped out of them without even realizing that was what she was doing. Then his hands were tangling in her hair and she felt her dress slipping from her skin.

Hands sliding around her body to undo her bra and let it fall to the ground.

Amina felt a flash of worry, about what the heck would happen when Mikhail arrived. Worried about her, only to find her with Daniel’s hands on her body. Despite herself, she felt the heat of desire spike at her own thoughts and she kissed him back harder. Before Amina knew it, she was naked aside from the shoes that she balanced on, high heels and nothing else.

Daniel hadn’t even taken off his jacket and the thought made Amina blush red and shiver with lust. She grabbed his jacket in her hands and pressed her skin against the fabric he wore. Feeling shudders pass through her as it rubbed against her breast. Setting her nipples on fire and making her groan with a burning heat and need for him.

She Was Naked

Daniel chuckled, a low sound that suddenly sounded a lot warmer than before. He lifted her into his arms and before she realized, they were at the couch. Sat down and pushed her gently down. Amina blushed, finding herself on her knees and Daniel undid the buckle of his belt, unzipping his jeans. Amina blushed at the sight of him.

He was big and it sent shivers of warmth through her.

Then Daniel’s hand was in her hair and she was taking the whole of him past her lips and into her mouth. He was hot and the taste of him flooded her senses, making her groan with pleasure. When she had woken this morning, she had not expected to be naked. And on her knees for a man that she had only just met. Realization had her moaning softly with pleasurable lust as she sucked and licked.

Feeling the heat between her own thighs reaching a fever pitch.

She was so lost in thought and the feel of the pleasure coursing through her body that she jumped when the door slammed open. Daniel held her in place, glancing casually at the door, “Mikhail, nice to see you.” Worry and fear flooded Amina, and she braced herself for his understandable anger. Instead, all she heard was his laughter and his footsteps.

She prayed that he would be okay with this, and from the warm sound of his laughter, she was starting to hope that he was. That everything would work out. Her head was spinning with lust.

“Amina, when you said you were going to sort things out, I didn’t think you’d go this far.”

A blush crept deeply up Amina’s cheeks and she moaned softly with embarrassment. When she felt Mikhail moving behind her, shivers crept up her spine, “Mind if I join you?” His voice grew husky and Amina thought she would be overwhelmed by desire right then and there.

His hands stroked her skin and she felt him press against her warmth. Slowly sliding between her thighs and making her moan with pleasure. He was big and the feeling of him entering her was delicious.

Her vision danced with stars and she felt like she was floating.

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She Gasped

Amina gasped as Daniel gripped her hair tighter. Waves of pleasure threatened to drown her. She was lost in the feel of them. Mikhail thrusting deeply within her and making her moan and shiver with delight. Feel of his body against hers making her tremble all over.

She felt claimed. Her body alight with desire.

She held on tight to the couch as the overwhelming feelings flooded through her. Heady and hot and blissful. Amina moaned, feeling her climax overwhelm her, crash into her. Leave her gasping and trembling. Trying to hold onto the feelings that felt too overwhelming to handle.

Mikhail and Daniel climaxed soon after

Their groans made Amina tremble with sheer pleasure as she swallowed and shivered and tightened. She felt them both and she felt the bliss overwhelming her senses.

It was blissful and dizzying and everything that she could have possibly hoped for. All wrapped into one and Amina never, ever wanted it to end, never wanted to stop the pleasure that coursed through her veins and made her want to gasp for breath and lose her head all at the same time. She felt perfect and Amina could never remember feeling this good.

It was wild, it was thrilling, it was contentment and danger all wrapped in one. Amina was finding more and more that she absolutely loved it and wanted it so much more than she could dare to admit.

She swallowed and shut her eyes, letting the whole moment wash over her slowly. Perfect.

Daniel sank back into the couch and Mikhail pulled out, pulling Amina into his arms. Amina gasped and sank back against him, feeling the heady pleasure blur her vision. She shut her eyes and sighed in contentment. Letting the moment wash over her and leave her content and comfortable in the moment. Warmth blissful and sweet. And for that moment, it was more than enough, my shocking malaysian sexcapade.

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